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Music production

thinktank video corporate video services

Music production services for video & DVD

Specialist music production services for video & DVD video

provide an excellent way to enhance any corporate video, live event video, documentary or specialist video such as training or educational video. The main types of music production for video are:
  • Bespoke musical scores for film or video
  • Library music services
  • Sound effects or atmosphere for film, video or presentations
  • Background music
  • Stings for presentations & live events

Bespoke musical scores

for video productions provides an ideal way of differentiating your video production from the competition, or to make any special event or occasion such as an Olympic ceremony or national awards event. Bespoke musical scores are created from scratch, giving your film or video production an extra dynamic element which is unsurpassed in terms of quality and relevance to your specific video production.

Library music services

provide a highly cost-effective means of introducing inexpensive music within your video production. Many clients prefer library music for video production as it allows budget to be dedicated primarily to the main video, whilst reducing costs for musical or atmospheric productions.

Sound effects or atmospheric effects

can be obtained from thinktank’s music production team and can be recorded live or available through thinktank’s access to an extensive collection of sounds and effects.

For annual awards, corporate presentations or live events, a sting or theme music can be produced specifically for your event, ensuring that the live audience or TV viewers hear your musical signature tune throughout the show or series.

For further information about how thinktank

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can incorporate music into your feature film, TV series, corporate video, live event, drama production, documentary, sports video, training video, or live presentation ceremony, contact thinktank

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