General Information: The Way We Work

Looking to find information for video productions or about the Thinktank Video company? We enjoy exploring new ideas and working as a team to bring video production concepts to reality with clients.

Because we want to help explain how we work, we've jotted down some things down. Then had a coffee, or two. , Finally we summarised what things our clients usually ask. Plus we're letting you know what we can and will do. Also, what we won't do. It makes life simpler for everyone.

And, to put your mind at rest, if you're wondering where are video company is... our video production team are based in the UK's. At the heard of  the northern video & film production hub. MediaCityUK in Salford Quays, Manchester.

General Information

Our Ethos

Thinktank makes good video productions and we're creative. Our ethos is to be polite, respectful, open, honest and friendly with clients. Our staff are relaxed, positive and professional in every way.

We appreciate the importance of deadlines and managing your expectations and empathise with how stressful your workload is. Our aim is to help by taking some of that stress away from you. And, filling the space with excitement!

Inspiring you with our creativity, positivity and passion. There has to be mutual trust  in our partnership with you. Having this approach gets better results every time.

Honest and Confidential Advice and Guidance

Our video production team deliver services throughout the world from our base which is located at MediaCityUK in Manchester. We provide advice and guidance for clients to help you choose the right video solution for your needs.

If you feel the need for a confidentially agreement , feel free to send over a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We'll look over this, agree any necessary changes and pop a signed copy back over to you before we speak, as long as it's in everyone's best interests.

Only Ever a Telephone Call Away

Sometimes we're able to help you choose what you're looking for during our initial phone conversation. We give advice and guidance on the basis that we've got the full picture from you and we can then share our thoughts and expertise in helping you make informed choices.

We work with clients in a partnership approach to producing video because we're only ever a phone call away and we're happy to make sure that everything is planned in the right way, so that you get the best video production.

Quality and Business Call Monitoring

In everyone's best interests; for client care and quality assurance, calls may be monitored or recorded for quality and business purposes. Please bear this in mind when you call. It's all part of the information for video productions you'll need so that you know we're keeping a record of what we do for you.

Fees and Settlement

Our preference is to provide video production services on a fixed fee basis wherever possible. This way you know what you're getting for your investment. It's also easier to manage your expectations, right from the start.

There's also  a flexible fee settlement models, depending on your needs. Some film-production companies add-on charges during project work or present charges in a difficult to understand way. Thinktank doesn't.  Our video production fees are relatively simple to comprehend.

It's easy to understand that from time to time there may be no time for you to agree fees appropriate to project changes and whilst there are generally emergency or urgent requirements, we're generally happy to deliver first then invoice later. As long as you give us the agreement to do so at the time!

Generally, reasonable amends are included in our production fees if stated beforehand in the actual video project agreement. If there's more work than originally agreed that needs doing, then we'll need to agree fees before any amendments are made.

Some new clients may be required to pay 50% on a pro-forma basis. Sometimes more. Then sometimes less. Thereafter, credit terms are on a per-client basis. Your individual business status or other factors may affect thinktank's ability to offer credit terms to clients. Credit terms also subject to budget size and the prevailing economic climate / market conditions. All significant fees or media booking fees (eg, TV advertising) must be settled in advance and on a pro-forma basis. Clients operate under our detailed terms and conditions of trade. Any terms within the agreement take primacy over information on this website. We consider this important enough to add to this information for video productions area.

Pitches, Revenue Sharing or Speculative Work

Sorry to say this up front, but we're not the kind of video production company who gets involved in beauty parades or exhaustive pitches. Been there, done that and to be honest, we want to work with clients who want to work with us. Without the need to prove ourselves. We've been doing this since 1997 so we don't need the love anymore... we'd rather give your account, as our client, all the love it deserves instead.

If your proposal to our video production team involves rounds of pitches, shortlists or any kind of revenue sharing; you may be probably better off with a different kind of production company.

From time-to-time we also get prospective clients asking for unpaid emergency help with bidding for funds. This can involved  us doing speculative work, based on you bidding successfully. We're happy to help you win your bid, however we need to eat at night so there's always a service fee for any kind of speculative work we produce.

Careers in Production, Editing and Filming

We need to say this because we do receive a dozen calls a week from recruitment companies who call. Thinktank doesn't use any recruitment consultants or agencies. If we're already interested in working with individuals then we either know you or know of you and so that's why we don't need help getting new staff. We encourage new talent to contact us directly as we won't accept CVs from third parties. For general careers information visit the careers section (see the link below).

There's a need to inform recruitment consultants about our working model. That's why it's been included within this information for video productions area.