Science & Technology Videos

Our senior science and technology video producer is a published scientist in his own right. And, a multi-award winning science film producer.  The team also includes senior marketing consultants, specialising in the fields of science & technology. That's probably why we've worked with many of the world’s leading technology companies including; Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, HP, Sky, EE, O2, VMware, Carphone Warehouse, BASF, BodyCote & Exova. You can add numerous other pharmaceutical, healthcare and technology-based giants to this list. Too many to name in fact.

Thinktank's Manchester team provides a turnkey science and technology video production service, capable of adding significant weight and value to your production. Our credentials really help us get on well with clients. Mainly because we're passionate about their technologies. Plus we understand them too. That absolutely helps us get your message across in a believable and credible way.

A deep insight into Science & Technology

We thrive on our knowledge of science & technology. This makes thinktank the ideal film production partner for your science and technology video. We’ve worked in some incredibly niche areas. Filmed in some very challenging locations too - from inside furnaces to directly  over the top of huge 'open' liquid nitrogen containers. Actually, we've even filmed inside clean rooms during operational hours.

Thinktank's team has a superb blend of imaginative creative minds, alongside individuals who share great passion for cutting edge technological developments. Whether we're deep inside the Microsoft cloud, or above Cirrus clouds in the sky - we're happy. Extending across EMEA and the US, we have a proud reputation for being a leading award-winning film company, producing excellent science and technology video.

Our ability to Talk Technological Language

It’s essential that we interview contributors and key opinion leaders in a way that they feel comfortable conversing with our production team. We’re scientifically and technically  articulate. We realise the best way of obtaining the right answers from experts and global key opinion leaders is through having a high level of credibility with the experts we interview.

Capabilities extend to developing high-profile customer reference content for our science and technology video clients. This holistic approach provides a complete to our work includes animated graphics services to really take your film to the next level.

For advice and guidance on making your scientific and technology video production, call the Manchester team on +44(0)161 826 0106 today.