Science & Technology Videos

Our senior science and technology video producer is a published scientist in his own right. And, a multi-award winning science film producer.  The team also includes senior marketing consultants, specialising in the fields of science & technology. That's probably why we've worked with many of the world’s leading technology companies including; Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, HP, Sky, EE, O2, VMware, Carphone Warehouse, BASF, BodyCote & Exova. You can add numerous other pharmaceutical, healthcare and technology-based giants to this list. Too many to name in fact.

Thinktank's Manchester and London teams provide a expert science and technology video production service, capable of adding significant kudos and value to your production. Our credentials really help us get on well with clients, because we're passionate about their technologies. Plus we understand their needs too! This absolutely helps us get your message across in a believable and credible way.

Technology and Science Video Services

IT & Software Solutions

In a tech-driven world, convincingly communicating the real benefits of your products or services is essential. Our experience in producing IT and Software Solutions videos for the world’s leading organisations such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP and Adobe, means that we know how to communicate your technologies in a powerful way, that works!

Working with C-level decision management, Thinktank has an in-depth understanding of emerging technology and SaaS solutions, giving you a clear advantage because we know how to communicate your message to engage decision makers.

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AI and Machine Learning

With AGI fast approaching the horizon, AI and Machine Learning continues to extend technological possibilities. Whilst Open AI, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon and the rest of the big players battle frenetically for market dominance, pushing neologisms for their LLM, ML and vector databases, new or growing AI companies can struggle to communicate their offer effectively.

Our expertise in making videos that cut through the noise can help you intelligently connect your AI or Machine Learning solutions, driving new customer engagement.

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Clean Energy and Sustainability

Clean energy and sustainability solutions are the best guarantees to the future viability of our planet. In the 1990s, we were already at the forefront of creating video content and films highlighting the importance of investing in clean, sustainable technologies.

Thinktank has worked with a wide range of innovators and market leaders, consultants and responsible packaging authorities within the sector.

Our understanding is immense. We were the driving force, producing video content essential to ending free supermarket plastic bags.

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Scientific Educational Content

The power of scientific education is in the ability to make science exciting, inviting and interesting to an audience eager to absorb. Our senior management team includes a film director who is a published scientist, ensuring that our educational scientific video content is made with accurate and credible methodologies.

Because we understand scientific principles, we have an innate ability to communicate in a way appropriate to the understanding of the intended audience.

Our passion for producing scientific video content for learning fuels the next generation of aspiring scientists – the key to improving future innovation.

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Biotech & Life Sciences

Encapsulate emerging biotech trends by producing content for cutting edge advancements in areas such as CRISPR technology, personalised medicine and bioinformatics. Product applications and case studies can be used to document real world applications, including medical and environmental applications.

Highlight your R&D processes in biotechnology, focusing on laboratory work, experimentation and innovation. Thinktank’s expert understanding of science and film production can help you communicate your achievements to peers, prospective customers and potential investors.

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Cybersecurity & Data Protection

In the world of cybersecurity, it can be difficult to explain complex concepts or practices, for a general audience. Thinktank can help simplify what you do, by creating videos that communicate your messages clearly.

Whether it’s in the field of Data Protection, Compliance or Regulatory best practices, we can help you detail the data protection laws, compliance protocols and how to achieve them through film. Through the medium of documenting real-world case studies and threats, Thinktank can help viewers understand lessons learned and explain how to mitigate and resolve the impact of cyber warfare.

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is critical in maintaining trust and integrity within the science and technology sectors. Thinktank presents compliance and regulatory control an integral part of industry advancement, using positive strategies to meaningfully engage with audiences. Our regulatory compliance videos articulate nuances alongside detail, promoting the need for compliance as a solid foundation for innovation and market leadership. Our approach to making compliance films is one of highlighting responsibility and accountability in a positive light. Thinktank's expertise in regulatory compliance video ensures that your commitment to standards becomes part of your competitive edge.

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Tech Start-ups & Venture Capital

Tech start-ups create new possibilities that often require venture capital investment to fuel that journey. Thinktank's tech start-up videos map out the terrain for innovation, capturing the spirit and potential of new tech ventures.

We’re specialists in producing videos that resonate with prospective investors, illustrating the ambition and impact of your start-up. Our videos attract VC and Angel Capital by reflecting the drive and dynamism that characterise your start-up, your ecosystem and medium-long term gains.

Only Thinktank communicates your vision in a way that can attract new investment opportunities.

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How it Works

There are numerous ways of explaining how technology works including ‘a day in the life of’ videos and ‘explainer videos’ as two simple examples that bring your ‘How it Works’ story to life.

Working with Thintank’s team of specialist science and technology award-winning video producers, you can explain how your innovation works using tried and tested communication methodologies that garner interest and understanding in equal measure.

Take your audience on a new journey of discovery and help them understand how it works, with Thinktank – the UK’s leading producer of science and technology video content.

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Use Applications

Explaining or extending use applications for your innovative technology can be challenging, even if you had the time or opportunity to sit down with every prospective client face-to-face. That’s where Thinktank comes in. With a lifetime of experience in communicating the full range of use applications for emerging technologies, we can guide you through the process of visually communicating the extensive capabilities of your technologies or products. We help create the interest to help organisations diversify with new technologies within new markets; we attract investment opportunities to help you grow and, we can help your existing clients gain more value from their investment in what they’ve already bought from you.

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New Technologies

Thinktank's expert knowledge of science and technology is at the core of our video production excellence. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques we convey often complex and finely nuanced technological information with great care and precision – without ever compromising on creativity.

From data visualisation to capturing detailed processes, we thrive in creating interesting and exciting technical storytelling. If your project demands a level of technical expertise that goes beyond the ordinary, Thinktank has the experience. This makes us your ideal partner of choice, so that you can convey your message with accuracy, detail and most important, memorability.

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Kickstarter & Crowdfunding

Securing funding for your science or tech venture can be the biggest challenge and threat to your newfound business start-up. We’re here to support you on this journey to attract vital Kickstarter or Crowdfunding investment, to that you can release this untapped source of funding to take your venture to the next stage.

With a good track-record of making Kickstarter and Crowdfunding films for organisations looking to generate anywhere between £50,000 - £3,000,000 investor funding, you can rely on Thinktank. Whether you're pursuing traditional funding avenues or crowdfunding campaigns, our expertise can make a real difference to your chance of investment.

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Technology Testimonials

Thinktank is the leading producer of client testimonial video in Europe, although we’ve produced numerous client testimonial films in The Americas, Africa, Middle East and Australasia. We achieved the status of Europe’s leading client testimonial video company through our unique fusion of understanding science & technology together with having a documentary film-making background. Together, these are the most important elements in producing believable real-life stories that resonate with viewers. Working from the heart of Manchester, we produce cutting-edge client testimonials across the science and technology arena, actively engaging with B2B, B2C and international Government audiences.

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Product Promotions

Are you looking to launch your new product using video content as the key tool to communicate your message faster? Or, do you need a product promotion that highlights the features and benefits of what you do, to gain higher market share?

We work directly with clients and also marketing & advertising agencies within the Science and Technology markets, providing video content to achieve high-impact product promotions.

With a wealth of experience in producing product launch videos, TV advertising content, product videos and kickstarter-funding films, Thinktank is the ideal video production company that can bring your latest product promotion to life.

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A deep insight into Science & Technology

We thrive on our knowledge of science & technology. This makes thinktank the ideal film production partner for your science and technology video. We’ve worked in some incredibly niche areas. Filmed in some very challenging locations too - from inside furnaces to directly  over the top of huge 'open' liquid nitrogen containers. Actually, we've even filmed inside clean rooms during operational hours.

Thinktank's team has a superb blend of imaginative creative minds, alongside individuals who share great passion for cutting edge technological developments. Whether we're deep inside the Microsoft cloud, or above Cirrus clouds in the sky - we're happy. Extending across EMEA and the US, we have a proud reputation for being a leading award-winning film company, producing excellent science and technology video.

Thinktank - the Science & Technology video experts

Reach out to Thinktank, the UK's go-to company for Science & Technology video production. To find out how we can help you produce better video content, call our London or Manchester team today.

Questions about Science & Technology Video

Our ability to Talk Technological Language

It’s essential that we interview contributors and key opinion leaders in a way that they feel comfortable conversing with our production team. We’re scientifically and technically  articulate. We realise the best way of obtaining the right answers from experts and global key opinion leaders is through having a high level of credibility with the experts we interview.

Capabilities extend to developing high-profile customer reference content for our science and technology video clients. This holistic approach provides a complete to our work includes animated graphics services to really take your film to the next level.

For advice and guidance on making your scientific and technology video production, call the Manchester team on +44(0)161 826 0106 today.