Manufacturing Videos

Manufacturing films help our clients grow their business through making their products or services look better than competitors. Or explaining the precision or excellence in manufacturing technologies employed in creating the perfect end product. Within the manufacturing sector, we've created films for companies in the UK, Europe, the US and China.

In addition to raw manufacturing video we produce, we've helped fire engineering consultancies, testing, installation and certification bodies, sell their services. It's likely that thinktank will have produced films for some of the leading manufacturing brands in your market. Being Manchester-based, we're operate from where the industrial revolution started and have a good working knowledge of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Sector Videos

  • Manufacturing Process
  • Technical Films
  • Quality Assurance
  • Certification
  • Manufacturing Sales
  • Innovation
  • How it's made
  • Social Media

Tell your Manufacturing Story through Film

You may be fortunate and work in a manufacturing industry which is glamorous and exciting, but that’s not very often the case. Many Manufacturers find it challenging to promote themselves in the best light. And that’s where can help you tell your story through the medium of film.

Understanding your organisational Culture

We’re particularly good at turning dry and technical subject matters into fascinating stories and great videos. We can show you examples of how we brought manufacturers' products and services to life, visually. We might not manufacture precision engineering products ourselves, but we do produce excellent videos!

Types of Manufacturing Videos

Manufacturing Process Videos

We make cutting-edge manufacturing videos to showcase job-shop, repetitive, discrete and process (job and continuous) production techniques. We also produce exciting videos for the more traditional types of manufacturing such as machining, casting, forming and joining. We enjoy bringing the manufacturing process to life to detail the level of skills and core competencies that our clients possess. If your business would benefit from showing what you do best to new prospective clients, Thinktank can help by producing best-in-class video content.
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Technical films

From working with clients throughout the manufacturing sector, we know the difference it can make in winning new business by highlighting the technical competencies you possess to produce high-quality goods consistently. We’re good at filming your technological know-how in a way that looks good on-screen whilst communicating how your technical expertise benefits your clients. So, if you have a technical or technological advantage within your manufacturing process, you can depend on Thinktank to communicate your competitive edge.
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Quality Assurance

Are you proud of your QA methodologies and want to share this with new clients? We produce video content that focuses on Quality Standards; whether it’s showing how you achieve compliance with mandatory or voluntary regulatory standards or wish to spotlight the lengths you go to achieve Quality Assurance, Thinktank can help. We have expertise in making films about product testing, certification standards and approved installation standards. We’re know how to incorporate the importance of QA control within a manufacturing video.
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We work with UK and international organisations involved with manufacturing certification across a range of industries. If you are an organisation offering certification and are looking for support to grow your certification business, Thinktank can help by attracting new business through a well-made certification video. On the other hand, if you’ve achieved certification standards above what your competitors have, we can help by using video to differentiate you from other manufacturers who may not yet have achieved the certification standards you have.
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Manufacturing Sales Video

Attracting new manufacturing business can be a real challenge. That’s why our manufacturing videos help to sell your manufacturing services by reinforcing the strengths and advantages of choosing your company as the manufacturing partner of choice within your specific manufacturing speciality. Our videos target decision-makers who will quickly recognise the benefits of choosing you to manufacture their goods. We help you connect on a level where your expertise and problem-solving abilities are demonstrated on-screen, helping you win new business.
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Manufacturing Innovation

When you’ve developed a new Innovation in Engineering and Manufacturing and want to introduce your innovative discovery to the market, video is the ideal solution. You can quickly demonstrate your new capabilities in-depth to a local, UK or global audience, reducing your need to invest in a new sales team or the need to arrange personal demonstrations. In addition, we can help you showcase your latest innovation in a creative and informative way that engages your target audience. We provide a complete translation and subtitling service for global clients and can rapidly roll out ’innovation in manufacturing videos’ for international markets.
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How it's made

It’s always fascinating for new clients to see precisely how their products are made – or used in real-world situations. So, our documentary TV background, together with our experience of making manufacturer-sector films, really helps generate interest by sharing how you make products from end to end. We follow the journey from the start of the production process, filming each step along the way to reveal the finished product, Many clients love the way we show their products being employed in everyday usage situations. Find out how you can get the best how to video for your manufacturing process, from Thinktank.
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Social Media for Manufacturing

Manufacturing clients can take advantage of YouTube and LinkedIn Social Media platforms to reach a worldwide target audience. Thinktank video produces a wide range of formats suitable for manufacturing social media channels, such as; explainer videos, how-to videos, new client testimonials, day-in-the-life-of films, plus other forms of engaging content to reach companies interested in the manufacturing sector on every social platform. With high quality manufacturing video content, you'll soon be able to reach new markets via LinkedIn, YouTube or if your process is a game-changer, through twitter or Instagram!
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Films that Bring Manufacturing to Life

Thinktank takes time to understand the details about what makes your manufacturing process or facilities unique. We take that knowledge, along with your passion for your quest for perfection and turn it into a winning story line which truly brings your manufacturing video to life.

Selling your Manufacturing Expertise to Clients

Our creative methods of turning detailed technical processes, procedures and quality assurance into an interesting story is unequalled. We're able to communicate what you do in a way which increases your credibility, whilst getting the important details across. Best of all - we keep your manufacturing films informative and interesting, to maximise the number of times your target audience will see your video.

For advice and guidance about the best ways to make Manufacturing Videos for your industry, call our Manchester -based Manufacturing Video specialists on +44(0)161 826 0106 today.

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