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Thinktank is an award-winning video production company with a global reputation for excellence: from Manchester to Manhattan. Discover some of the industry sectors we work with and see how we've built a name for making the ultimate creative and cinematic film productions.

Video Production Excellence

We’re equally well versed in working with TV personalities and uber-technical niche areas, as we operate within sectors as diverse as football, nightclubbing, nuclear physics, and stem-cell growth. Our understanding of specialist areas like finance, retail, education, manufacturing, media, healthcare, pharma, mental health and technology, is unequalled in the film industry.

We produce everything from 10-second TV ads to documentary films on topics ranging from music to mechanical engineering. We make it our business to understand your business. Sounds good? Let's work together - call Thinktank now on +44(0)161 826 0106.

The Sectors We Serve


We've won multiple awards for our healthcare productions, working worldwide to provide best-in-class healthcare videos for the NHS, Governments, Doctors, private clinics and public information films to inform and educate patients.

We produce ground-breaking healthcare films, and we were the first video production company to live stream an operation in-theatre in the UK.

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We work with major car manufacturers Formula 1 and Endurance teams, making exciting productions for the car and automotive sectors. We've produced everything from adverts to behind-the-scenes documentaries, sponsorship films and social content for the automotive industry.

We create, produce, direct and provide complete end-to-end post-production services.

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Working across the world, we make breath-taking films for the education sector. We've worked with Governments, Universities, Colleges and Schools across three continents, providing education videos.

Our films generate discussion, drive recruitment and support your goals and key achievements. We also offer live workshops and have helped Leading Acting and Media Institutes improve their filming skills.

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Producing various manufacturing films to support key industries, we make films in China, the US, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, helping leading manufacturers secure lucrative contracts or gain entry into new markets.

We're experts in taking the most detailed manufacturing processes and turning them into exciting and informative films to build your kudos and help win new business.

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We’ve worked with numerous sporting organisations, globally famous clubs, sports stars and all-time sporting legends involved with football, cricket, rugby, snooker and other professional sports, creating documentary films, informative content, private projects and sponsorship promotions.

Our creative production work to broadcast standards and work alongside CAA qualified aerial (drone) pilots to capture immersive ground-based and aerial footage to make productions that promote sporting personalities in the best possible way.

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We produce video for the retail industry - everything from in-store promotions, training, documenting re-fits to TV advertising and promotions. We build social video for retailers and have the capability to turn around high volume content creation in lightning-quick time. Our quick turnaround time offers a real plus point for retail partners to communicate important information, introduce new product lines or promote the latest deals. Our ability to craft video for use in-store, online or on TV helps retail organisations keep everything under one roof, giving them optimal control and their financial budgets in check.
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Media and Arts

We work with leading Institutes and Academies within the Arts and Entertainment sector and produce content for TV channels and mainstream national online media outlets. Our creativity and high production values mean we're always in tune with what the Media, Arts and Entertainment sector expects from their providers. We've enjoyed many industry-firsts in the Media and Arts sector, introducing new ideas whilst improving training standards across the creative arts industry. Let our team add value to your videos when you're looking for a production company to partner with.
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Thinktank's longstanding track record in creating award-winning film productions, together with our technological know-how, provides a best-in-class service for the residential and commercial property marketplaces. We serve the property sector with ground-based crews alongside our qualified CAA Aerial filming pilots. Using feature-film grade equipment, vehicle mounted cameras and drones, we produce awesome property videos. We work with the National Trust, showcasing their portfolio, employing a fully managed filming service to create visually engaging films.
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It's easier to list who we haven't worked with than who we have, in the communications sector. We're a tech-savvy video production company with an avid interest in emerging technologies, making communications the perfect fit for our work. We work with CEOs, retail stores, partners, and communications providers, in developing killer applications for next-gen technologies. Whether you're looking for TV, social, or in-field video with your engineers, we produce superb quality content. Let us add to your communications expertise. Choosing Thinktank.
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Professional Services

We work for a number of high-profile professional services organisations across law, finance, accountancy, consultancy, architecture, plus a myriad of other business, technical and scientific organisations. Our capabilities to onboard quickly and understand the complexities of individual professional services sectors is why we're the production company of choice in the sector. Understanding the terminology, details and nuances within professional services adds depth and credibility to the video productions we make.
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Health and Beauty

We’ve worked with spas, haircare manufacturers, clinics and supporting industries within the health and beauty sector. Our expansive knowledge and experience in producing cinematic-grade video, together with expertise in creating video content for social channels, makes Thinktank your ideal partner. We manage productions to showcase your facilities, spas, clinics or specialist services. And, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, we work with some of the world's leading experts and their celebrity clients. Find out how we can help your health and beauty business grow by contacting us today.
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Because we love technology, perhaps that’s the reason why we have so many of our clients within this sector. Thinktank has worked with the biggest technology companies on the planet – but we also work with small start-ups and growing tech companies, producing corporate, product and fundraising video productions. We turn technological concepts into fascinating and scintillating films. And suppose you're looking for a technology-minded partner to provide a gold standard in producing client testimonial videos. In that case, we have a track record of managing worldwide customer testimonial video programmes for leading technology organisations.
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Banking | Finance

We work with Tier 1 banks and financial institutions to provide absorbing and informative videos for the banking and finance sector. Our work extends to highly specialised sectors such as financial compliance, Dodd-Frank, trading and sponsorship videos. We've helped some of the world's largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) suppliers promote their partnership capabilities within the industry to the finance sector. Every day we work on commercially sensitive projects and have clearances to work in some of the most secure locations in the UK. We're very diplomatic in everything we do. That's why we're the ideal fit for producing videos for the banking sector.

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Our filming work within the transport industry includes every conceivable type of transport and logistics solution. We've worked extensively within the aviation sector and with ground-based airside suppliers, marine-sector specialists, and logistics organisations who use more traditional transportation methods from A to B. Our unique work extends to filming projects on passenger aircraft adjacent to active runways, over jumbo jets and on cargo ships. We've even made live-streamed productions from coaches travelling the UK. However traditional or unique your production needs are, talk to Thinktank to find out how we can open up new possibilities for you.
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Public Sector

Thinktank has extensive experience working within the public sector. Our cinematography is broadcast-standard. And, our creativity can effortlessly highlight your innovative initiatives. We have a longstanding track record of delivering genuinely inspirational productions for public sector bodies, including local authorities, government departments and other publicly funded organisations. We know how to work in partnership with decision-makers, groups, sub-groups, committees and stakeholders to keep everyone informed and promote a partnership approach to producing video content. That's why Thinktank can help you get the most creative video possible for your needs.
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Not for Profit | Charity

The Not for Profit sector is one which we particularly enjoy working with. Exploring new ways to promote good causes that touch people’s hearts is always a positive experience for our production team. Whether it’s a charitable organisation supporting individuals and families living with a life-long medical condition, international aid, addiction or mental health, we produce award-winning films which create discussion and engagement. We’ve helped change the face of how disadvantaged people are perceived treated and, in doing so, helped to improve their quality of life. We can’t think of any better way of using our talents than to help others in their time of need.
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Thinktank - the UK's leading specialist video producers

Thinktank are expert-level specialists in a number of key industry sectors, making films for a wide variety of organisations and niche-companies in the UK, Europe and beyond. To find out how we can help you produce better video content and get your message across clearly, call our London or Manchester team now!

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