Training Videos

We’ve won awards for our training videos. We develop every type of training film from how-to instructional training video right through to scripted drama-style films to get your message across in a way that grips your intended audience.

Training Video Services

How to Video

Our how-to videos offer a well-balanced blend of instruction, knowledge and encouragement. We aim to  quickly help viewers remember what they have viewed, which in turn makes it easier for them to accomplish what they need to do.

Our experience in breaking even the most complex of subjects into bite-sized chunks, ensures that your how-to film will be well structured and able to communicate your message in a way that boosts retention and empowers your audience.

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Translating new or challenging concepts into tangible experiences, Thinktank's demonstration films showcase how things are done in practice.

By showcasing real-world applications through hands-on examples, we help you provide valuable insights, techniques and knowledge in a truly relatable way.

Our demo videos motivate buyers, installers, distributors and end-users to help them quickly grasp using your product or service in a way they understand.

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Interactive Videos

Interactive videos can take your training or onboarding to a new level. Transforming the traditional viewing experience into an engaging, active learning session is what we do! Interaction and participation inject a totally immersive dimension into the way people learn.

Our interactive videos encourage participation, sharing of ideas and turns training into a dialogue-driven shared learning journey for participants. Speak to Thinktank today and find out how you can benefit from interactive content.

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Scenario Based Training Films

Immersing learners in real-life situations, Thinktank's scenario-based training fosters critical thinking and enriches problem-solving skills. Thinktank creates interactive and authentic training scenarios that challenge and engage, turning training into a transformative process.

We create life-like scenarios that enable true empathy, understanding and personal experience. Our reconstructive documentary background makes Thinktank your ideal choice.

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Compliance Training Videos

Thinktank’s knowledge of regulatory affairs, governance and compliance within different sectors is unsurpassed.

When you need to communicate the key benefits and reputation enhancement through appropriate due diligence and corporate governance, we deliver videos that support your overarching aims and objectives. We work with Ombudsman organisations, financial compliance experts, The NHS and Pharma etc.

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Micro Learning Short Videos

Designed for quick assimilation and convenience, Thinktank's micro-learning training content presents topics in short, precise, bite-sized segments. Micro-learning is a flexible and efficient process, making learning more enjoyable and productive. Our micro-learning approach fits seamlessly into modern lifestyles, providing snippets of pure genius without sacrificing depth or quality. Talk to Thinktank about how you can benefit from Micro-Learning video content for your organisation.

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Animated Explainers

Making any subject easy to understand, regardless of its complexity, can be achieved through an animated explainer video.

Thinktank enriches learning through creative visuals, well-crafted scripts, and evocative voiceovers.

Whether you are simplifying a scientific principle or introducing a groundbreaking consumer product, our animated films engage. We captivate, educate, and excite, creating a magnetic allure around each topic.

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Live Training

Thinktank delivers live training films, simultaneously across multiple locations.

Our award-winning approach to developing and managing live training sessions extends to setting up multi-site, secure login live training sessions and webinars, designed to communicate educational content quickly.

For clients looking to monetise their content through online learning webinars, we have the track-record to deliver broadcast-grade live training to your audience.

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Induction Videos

Welcome new team members into the fold with a positive, uplifting induction video.

Make sure your induction film stands out from the competition so that employees feel valued and motivated to invest in what you’re trying to collectively achieve.

We can help you communicate the importance that your company places on its staff, showing the commitment you have to every individual that works for you.

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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

Employers today have a legal, moral and ethical obligation to embrace, reflect and promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Thinktank has extensive experience in working with clients to develop and deliver comprehensive EDI training videos, to strengthen internal training, onboarding and to assist in driving recruitment campaigns to optimise the applicants in a way that makes new recruits feel accepted and welcomed, regardless of an individual’s protected characteristics.

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Role Play

Thinktank crafts realistic role-play videos that serve as a foundation for building real-life work skills. In these carefully controlled learning environments, participants apply theoretical knowledge and receive constructive feedback.

Confidence grows, skills sharpen, and they prepare for real-world challenges. Our approach to role-play films ensures a solid grounding in the subject area, whilst providing the knowledge and confidence to apply new skills in the workplace, adding immense practical value.

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Employee Videos

Highlighting strategies and techniques of top performers, Thinktank’s employee videos celebrate individual successes within your organisation. These films serve as living guides, inspiring a culture of shared excellence and continuous growth. By focusing on key strategies, we ensure best practices become common practices, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collective achievement. Our Employee Films can be used for annual awards, conferences or to provide inspiration.
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Contact the Training Video experts

If you looking to work with the leading provider of Training Videos in the UK, call the production company that can deliver. We're based in MediaCityUK (Manchester) and Westminster (London).


Some clients provide scripts, some ask us to write the script for them. We’re comfortable working in whichever way suits you best. If you’re happy to sit back and watch us work our magic, we’ll be equally at ease taking care of things for you from concept to delivery.

Why our approach to Training is different

Our founding director has a long-standing interest in interactive training, corporate conferences, pharmaceutical sector training films and distance learning course development, across a number of different industry sectors. We’re approached by clients who either know exactly what they want, in which case we deliver their vision through our experienced production team: or, we’re asked to help formulate training film ideas that your staff and partners actually enjoy watching.

We’ve done everything from comedy through to drama to help improve training beyond what you would normally expect to see. We also do it straight, for clients with specific or exacting needs and have a well-documented idea of how they want training to look for them.