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Thinktank provides the ultimate global corporate video production service from its MediaCityUK base in Manchester and our offices in Westminster, London. Our video producers and directors have extensive experience, working as Senior Management in corporate marketing departments. This adds enormous value for clients or advertising agencies looking to produce highly creative, successful corporate videos, because we understand our clients' needs from a strategic perspective, which helps to produce better video content, produced with an objective, results-driven approach to film-making.

Our Approach to Corporate Films

Corporate video is probably the most challenging type of film to make for any film production company. Clients are very specific about messaging and expect videos to be engaging, credible, and appropriate for their market sector or niche.

We have the expertise and know-how to grasp what you’re looking for. We know what works and what doesn’t. Plus, we know how to work with marketing teams, agencies, and board-level senior management to smooth the approval process for your corporate video.

Understanding your organisational Culture

Our team has a wealth of understanding around company values, brand values, internal company culture, and company politics. Because we work across different continents and industry sectors, we’re well versed in dealing with the nuances of gaining acceptance for your project across EMEA, The Americas, and APAC regions. Our insight into localising or globalising content is as good as it gets.

Types of Corporate Production


Looking to promote your organisation by making a breath-taking promotional video? Whether you're seeking to increase sales, engage with new customers, satisfy investors or raise your profile for exit or an injection of new funds, we make corporate videos that really work. Our television, documentary film-making, and corporate marketing background come together to work magic to help you grow your business empire. So, get in touch today and see why we're the right partner to help you make your next promotional corporate video. We deliver promotional films on-brand, on-message, and create a real wow factor, whilst working within fixed budgets.

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In today's climate, any growing business or FTSE-100 organisation needs a clear ethical vision. Demonstrating and communicating this vision can be essential for sectors that may suffer from adverse perceptions. How a corporate entity behaves around its responsibility to its staff, its customers, and the wider company plays an important role in determining how ethical it is in the eyes of the media. We work with clients committed to demonstrating their Corporate and Social Responsibility ethos. And, we help them showcase their dedication to the environment and the human race through engaging CSR videos.

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Do you have an important announcement to make to staff, stakeholders, or the market? Corporate Announcement videos offer a new way of delivering high-impact messaging, which can be planned, reviewed, amended, and delivered at the exact time and place you choose. Company restructuring, annual reports, diversification into new markets, management buyouts, ground-breaking developments, and fresh corporate identity changes are just some of the examples where Corporate Announcement videos are most effective. So, if you want to announce an important message, contact us in confidence for help!
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While we can provide stand-alone videographers for corporate events, we can also create inserts (pre-made videos) to use during events – such as highlights, best-of, success stories, and other forms of filmed content to make your event more successful. In addition, our team has worked within the interactive event industry. We provide live, on-site mobile crews to capture footage during events and edit same-day or overnight, delivering finished content for the finale when required. We have experience delivering filmed event content and streaming finished edits indoor, outdoor, and within a working office. Sound interesting? Then pick up the phone and talk to us about what your next corporate event video to look like!

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Online | Social

Do you have a great website or Social Media presence and need to strengthen your company image online? Or maybe you have good product videos but need corporate content made for social channels. It can be not easy to repurpose existing content for Facebook or Instagram, especially if you want to promote your company using a Portrait rather than traditional Landscape format, for example, when producing social reels. We can help you improve your online corporate social presence. If you want your production to be used across a variety of different media, talk to us first, as there's a real skill in getting this right for social media.

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Corporate adverts are good to demonstrate your diversity or success in different markets or let everyone see the efforts you put into positively contributing to the community or the world. We create corporate advertising videos for TV, Cinema, Online, Social, Recruitment, Exhibitions, and investors. Our board-level background in large organisations will help you create the ideal corporate video. We communicate by engaging with viewers' emotions in a way that makes them believe in what you do. Our videos are passionate, powerful and because we work with some of the world's leading brands, we deliver quality films that work!

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We've won awards for our corporate training films. We fuse creativity, expert knowledge, and documentary film experience into creating training videos that gain maximum engagement. For example, we delivered training materials simultaneously to every member of the Metropolitan Police. In addition, simultaneously provided entire corporate training programmes to professionals within different organisations, such as training video programmes delivered to the NHS, Local Authorities, Hospital Consultants, and Social Care. We are meticulous in developing training videos and excel in delivering specialist content to niche markets, where having a solid understanding of the training is paramount to the success of the training videos.

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Ever thought that you'd be able to get the best staff if only they could see how you work and feel the personal experience they could gain by joining your team. Writing written job descriptions or adverts often won't do when you're looking to attract employees who are happily working for a competitor. We can help you create a real buzz about working for you. Provide a fly-on-the-wall approach to showing how happy your staff is – let them see real people working in your high-tech offices – or from their own homes! Once we've captured the essence of working for you, you'll be surprised by how well this improves recruitment.

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Does your company need an explainer video to let people know what you do? Or Why? Maybe you're finding it a challenge to communicate what you do or how your target audience can benefit by choosing your products or services. That's when you need an explainer. Whether it's for crowdfunding to attract new investment, for buyers, or simply for your sales team to use at conferences, exhibitions, or in meetings, we can help you produce an explainer video that works for your team. Different formats like animation, animated typography, vox-pop, and direct-to-camera routes create good explainer videos. We can help!

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Making powerful corporate testimonial films is one of our key strengths. Working throughout the world, we create testimonial productions to impress your clients, sponsorship benefactors, local communities, and decision-makers. We've helped companies access key markets by providing corporate testimonial films which have persuaded governments and leaders to invest in their organisation. We work to reinforce your message by providing video that breaks through barriers to market entry and showing employees, stakeholders, and partners why they have made the right decision by working with you and choosing your organisation.

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Review videos can be essential for companies looking to sell their products through suppliers such as Amazon or sell other manufacturers' products from their retail site or showroom. You can help stand out from the competition by creating product review videos or in-depth reviews of competitive products to give customers a more informed choice when purchasing your products or through your store. We can help create a winning format for your films, providing scripts, presenters, voiceovers, and production facilities to help you make the best video reviews for your business or the products you sell.

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Most Popular Questions

Onboarding to make the Best Corporate Videos

The critical time for us is to successfully onboard into your team, getting to know the details we need to make a winning production for your organisation.

We learn very quickly and can grasp complex technical markets to the same degree as we understand and appreciate new or emerging markets. This is what separates Thinktank from the competition in Manchester and Liverpool. And it’s also why we’re the production company of choice for several global corporations who want a production partner with an immersive knowledge of their business.

Video budgets and on-time project Delivery

We understand that you’ll be looking for a tangible ROI on your investment in corporate video. That’s why, wherever possible, we work to fixed budgets and deliver to expected project timescales.

Our production team can help you get the best value from your corporate video production budget while focusing on producing an end product that produces real results.

For advice about your corporate film, call our Manchester production team on +44(0)161 826 0106 now.