Property & Housing Videos

Thinktank produces promotional videos, reference films, content strategies and social media marketing for the property and housing sector. That just touches the surface of our property and housing video work. We work with property developers in the UK and overseas. The National Trust, Architectural Media organisations and property developers have engaged with us, in making some really good films.

Our experience extends to supporting a number of major property maintenance companies improve their profile, helping them to win significant contracts with local and regional authorities. We’ve filmed from the top of some of tallest buildings in the world and provided aerial film services for a range of clients within the property and housing market.

Property Sales Videos

We have the expertise to produce TV adverts, presentation films, online and social media marketing video for your property or housing project. We’re skilled journalistic and documentary interviewers. Write compelling scripts. And really know how to communicate what sells, and avoid what doesn't!

Our production team are skilled in off-plan, local authority housing, residential and commercial properties and working with historic buildings. Essentially, whatever type of property and housing video you want to make, we'll know how best to do it.

Thinktank - the Property & Housing video specialists

Reach out to Thinktank, the go-to company for Property & Housing video. To find out how we can help you produce better video content, call our London or Manchester team today.

Property Portfolio & Historic Buildings

Your next property or housing video may be to help your corporate image. Something as diverse as showcasing how you have helped local residents by adding to their quality of life. Thinktank's documentary background will help portray what you do and who you work with, in a positive and informative manner.

Charitable organisations and custodians of historic buildings understandably need to keep their profiles in the public eye.  Attracting new tourists or maybe much-needed additional public funding. We produce corporate and historic reference films in a way that very few film companies can match.

If you have a property, housing or historic building project to film, try thinktank first, on Manchester +44(0)161 826 0106 now.