Automotive & Motorsports Video

Thinktank works with Formula 1 teams. In Endurance Motorsports. And, with some of the most prestigious automotive marques you can name. We’ve worked with iconoclasts in F1 history; on-track and track-side at Le Mans. So we know a thing or two about motorsports films. We make films for car manufacturers, franchises, local dealerships and in the used vehicle sector, for car supermarkets. We really relish working with clients making automotive and motorsports video productions.

Motorsports Films

We’ve worked with icons of motorsports past and present behind the scenes. Filming live simulations for F1 teams, testing, track-side, in-garage, pit lane and telematics presentations for our clients. Our approach is to follow teams, filming their journey, geographically and personally. This makes our auto sports films a little more special.

Motorsports clients racing in WEC events such as Le Mans are part of our film portfolio. Including sponsors is part and parcel of what we do.

We’re experts in gaining clearances for motorsports films and we forge a strong working bond with teams and drivers. Because we work closely alongside them during film production and it's easier to get a good interview after a race if you're already got good rapport with everyone around.

Thinktank is competent working in the garage during races, in the pit lane, track-side or providing POV and aerial filming services. This is really nice for clients looking for that something extra to add to their production.

Automotive and Motorsports Video Experts

Reach out to Thinktank, the go-to company for Automotive & Motorsports video in the UK. To find out how we can help you produce better video content, call our London or Manchester team today.

Automotive Manufacturers & Dealerships

Much of our work in the Automotive sector is for external advertising agencies who employ our skills on a private label basis. We’ve worked with many of the big automotive brands, locally in the UK. Helping car supermarkets, online car sales teams and dealerships promote their services.

Automotive video Services

Naturally, we’re innovative in our approach to producing films for the high-performance motorsports industry and automotive sector. We can deliver end-to-end planning, film location; including Health & Safety assessment services.

Let us take care of filming approvals & contributor sign-offs because we have extensive experience working in and around the garage, pit lane and track-side during live races and testing.

If you’re interested in making your next motorsports or automotive video with thinktank Manchester, call now on +44(0)161 826 0106.