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Looking to make a positive impact with your new Education Video? Trying to find new ways of improving student recruitment or attract the best available staff? Thinktank makes inspiring videos for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Specialist Education Providers, Leading Academies, National Institutions and The Department for Education.

Our work with International Universities, Prime Ministers, Kings and Presidents, makes Thinktank the ideal choice for your producing education videos that generate outstanding best-in-class results.

We work in collaboration and partnership with learners, teachers, lecturers, Boards and Chancellors, to achieve the best results for you. Our work is outstanding and we've engaged with Educational Icons, Hollywood Directors and Sporting Legends in the quest to producing the finest video productions for our Education Sector clients.

Types of Videos for Education


The best videos for universities usually promote capabilities whilst attracting new learners and staff. Many universities use promotional videos to celebrate their achievements, attract new commercial partnerships and maximise student applications and acceptance rates.

Thinktank works with UK and overseas universities using methods that provide a tangible return on investment for every project. Our ability to quickly develop an in-depth understanding of your needs is what separates Thinktank from other providers of education videos.

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Are you looking to attract the best students and staff to your college? Many people look past tradition and reputation in today's market, preferring to discover why they should enrol with you or be a part of your team. Make sure that you engage in the best way possible with prospective students by talking to them in a way they're familiar with.

Our expertise in making the best educational videos, TV adverts and documentaries will ensure that your college gets a video production that attracts the finest students in the area. Talk to Thinktank about new and exciting ways to ensure you remain the number one college in the local area.

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Our 'video production for schools' service will strengthen your drive to fill student placements. You'll have productions that really engage with parents, guardians and young people, ensuring that your school is seen as the one which presents the best opportunities for learners.

In addition to enhancing admissions and attracting the most capable students, our films inspire teachers, classroom assistants and support staff to want to play an important part in your school's future by encouraging them to apply for vacancies. If you're looking to get the best-value video production for your school, get in touch with Thinktank today.

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Institutes | Academies

Are you an educational centre of excellence such as an Academy, Specialist Media Institute or a learning provider who is at the cutting-edge of your academic field? Thinktank helps leading Institutes and academies attract the most capable students by capturing the spirit and essence of your unique academic offer and sharing your vision the way you want it to be.

We also provide live-learning opportunities for Institutes and Academies that want students to experience what working on a real-life production is all about. We enjoy sharing our knowledge.

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Private Schools

We provide private schools video marketing support by helping to attract the very best students and teachers. As a private school, we can help strengthen your outstanding reputation locally and nationally by showcasing your academic and sporting heritage. Our video productions will help you develop a strong talent pipeline and encourage families to send their children to your private school.

Our commercial, educational and documentary TV background means that you'll have a first-class video production to showcase what you do best.

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Building an award-winning department within a school, college or university depends on recruiting the finest minds alongside the best available learners and students.

Whatever stage you are attempting to establish a local, regional or national centre of excellence, Thinktank can help you by showcasing your capabilities alongside communicating the benefits of attending your educational establishment. We've worked with worldwide centres of excellence and developed partnerships with global brands to help university departments grow.

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Perhaps you are seeking innovative ways to communicate recent successes within your academic faculty or enhance commercial partnerships with industry. Maybe you want to attract more students to enrol within your faculty? Thinktank can help attract new commercial investment through broadcasting your capabilities to businesses looking to benefit from your faculty's innovation and knowledge.

We have a track record of attracting UK and international students into new, emerging and established Universities.

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New Tech & Research

Is your educational organisation or department at the forefront of developing novel technologies, new Intellectual Property (IP) or at the pinnacle of academic research?

Thinktank uses best-in-class video production techniques to promote your technological capabilities to build strong commercial partnerships with your university. As a result, we're able to help you attract and retain the leading academics in your field by highlighting all the positive benefits of working for your university. We work with the brightest minds to deliver real results.

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Business Development

We can support your role as a Business Development Manager in the Education Sector by delivering a range of video and social media content to help you engage with key decision-makers – whether it's for finding apprenticeships for learners, recruiting new students or showcasing your organisation's abilities and successes.

We work strategically with clients within schools, universities, colleges and training providers, alongside members of the SLT, helping educational establishments realise their business development goals.

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Social Media

As part of the Thinktank Group of companies, we develop engaging social media video content for clients, with the built-in backup of social media and SEO experts who work with our education sector clients to get the most leverage from their social media content.

We work collaboratively to ensure that social video content remains within the spirit and ethos of universities, colleges and schools, promoting everything good about your organisation and helping to build your profile in a way that enhances your online reputation.

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If you're a University, College, Academy or Private School looking to forge new partnerships with business, industry or like-minded organisations, working with thinktank is the ideal partnership. With 25-years of expertise in working across the education, business and public sectors, we are well-versed in building strong relationships with SLTs, Boards, Committees, Local Authorities, Stakeholders and the wider business community. So when you need to produce a video to enhance your educational-business partnerships, talk to Thinktank.

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Live Streaming

Thinktank provides Live Streaming services for Universities, Colleges, Schools and Education Providers looking to produce single and multi-camera events.

Our services include live streaming, CDN services, including event management and organisation for live-streamed events. We can work independently or alongside students to help them gain real-world experience in managing live video productions. In addition, we work with leading educators and academic institutions, helping many students to improve their production skills.

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Specialist Needs | SEMH

Our expertise in working with schools and learners with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) behavioural challenges makes Thinktank the best video company for SEMH schools. We work with looked-after learners, children with Autism, ADHD and learners with complex needs.

Our senior production team has a sound understanding of how specialist, SEMH and ASC schools, so we're able to provide productions that promotes the expertise, compassion and values of your school, helping to build a positive profile to maximise recruitment.

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Thinktank's expertise in working with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities means that we are the go-to video company for Special Needs.

We're able to promote the Local Offer for all age ranges within your Local Authority. Suppose you are a SEND Officer or SEND Manager looking to capture the good work you are doing and promote the SEND Local Offer in your area. In that case, Thinktank Video Manchester can help you communicate your success stories, together with positive success stories. Contact Thinktank's specialist SEND video team for Education Sector.

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Valuable Lessons for Education Video Productions

There's nothing better than learning new things every day. Whilst we're experts at producing great films, we still gain valuable experience and insight from listening to what our Education Providers are trying to achieve.

So, whilst we may be seasoned cinematographers with a sound knowledge of the education sector, our secret sauce is in getting to know exactly what you're looking for - then using our knowledge to deliver a creative video production which is relevant to your target audience.

Educate your audience with Engaging Video Content

Our team has a strong understanding of company values, brand values and internal company culture & politics. Because we work across different continents and different industry sectors. Our insight into localising and globalising content is as good as it gets. Plus, we understand the difference between working in the UK, Asia and The Middle East to such an extent that we integrate seamlessly with your team.

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For Educational organisations looking for a production company to harness the true power of video, Thinktank has the expertise to significantly improve the power of your communications. We are based in London (Westminster) and Manchester (MediaCityUK), providing film services to the education sector in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, The US and Australasia.

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