Client Testimonials

Thinktank is the UK's and perhaps Europe's leading provider of Client Testimonials video. We deliver high production-value customer testimonial videos, alongside technical, editorial materials, for a diverse range of clients. We also manage local, regional and global Customer Reference and Customer Advocacy programmes for organisations invested in testimonial films and reference content as a core element within their marketing promotional strategies.

We research, plan, produce, film, and deliver fresh and persuasive content in multiple languages from our Manchester headquarters and London base.

Client Testimonials for Success

Documentary Style

Whilst many types of client testimonial films are grounded in documentary filmmaking principles, factual Documentary Style Testimonials offer a unique and authentic insight into your customers' experiences. Often including behind-the-scenes content, a documentary style testimonial provides a more in-depth, comprehensive insight. Thinktank focuses on creating a detailed, true-to-life portrayal that covers personal anecdotes and overall context. These testimonials give viewers an immersive experience into how your product makes a difference. Choose Thinktank to tell the whole story for you!

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Opinion Leader

Suppose you're an opinion leader or want a key opinion leader to provide an honest and positive client testimonial. In that case, we are the go-to video company to make your project a success. Our team works with world experts, making immersive testimonial content where key opinion leaders provide an in-depth approval of what you do. Providing the opinion leader is selected carefully, along with the right questions, you should end up with a film that drives interest in what you do. Choose Thinktank's Opinion Leader Testimonial service to make your film.
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Documentary Style

Producing customer testimonial films in specific sectors or niche markets where there is a real need to ask the right questions can be the biggest hurdle to making successful on-screen customer reference projects. We don't just produce beautifully crafted films; we take great interest in understanding the subject matter to make your video the best it can be! We have the innate ability to grasp complex markets and in-depth technical information, which allows us to ask the right questions and understand the contributor answers to the extent that we can ask the right probing questions based on their reply.

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Success Stories

It's great to shout out your success stories. It's even better to have someone else do it for you, making your success gain extra credibility. We manage, create and produce testimonials for success stories. We deliver success story testimonials that are powerful and persuasive for clients across a wide range of industries. Our excellent journalistic skills, fused with our documentary film-making and corporate marketing background, give us a clear advantage when making client success stories come to life.

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Client testimonials can be used as a tool to draw out the main features and deal-breaker benefits for your product or service offering. We're able to fine-tune client testimonial productions to give your video stand-out factual information – like getting your clients to wax lyrical about what they like best about your company. And, explain how buying from you gives them several valuable benefits. If you want a more front-foot positive approach to your testimonial films, we can make an amazing feature-benefit testimonial video for you.

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Use | In-Action

For customers who prefer to see your product or service in action during a testimonial video, we can incorporate the product/service in use during the visual testimony. Inter-cutting between customers who love your product and watching exactly how it helps in the real world makes for a great story. What better to sell your product to new customers than to have real users talking and demonstrating your product in action. This gives you a persuasive tool that you can share to increase take-up of your brand and increase sales.

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Time Saving

Very often, we find that one of the main benefits of seeing clients using their testimonial videos is in the time that their customers save by using their products.

It's much easier to show someone how much time can be saved on video because the proof of concept can be demonstrated whilst your testimonial contributor talks about your product's other benefits. Ultimately, testimonial videos that show how clients can save time using your product work really well.

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An endorsement testimonial film is the most sales-focused of all testimonials. If you're looking for an endorsement film, we can create a powerful film where your client contributor explains why it's important to switch to your product during their interview. The idea behind endorsement films is to make your customer reference programme more sales-like. This can be especially good for highly competitive markets where buyers don't have much time to consider subtleties and want the facts presented in a crystal-clear way.

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Problem Solving

Certain products and industries respond well to 'problem-solved' style client testimonials. Whilst how you solved their problem' is something you'll find in most client testimonial films; some clients choose to have productions where problem-solving is the video's main focus. For video testimonials that are problem-solution-centric, we know how to get the best interview sound bites to make your films really work. If this is what you're looking for, we can help you create the right film for your needs.

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Customer Reference

Global clients often prefer to have a structured, strategic approach to testimonial content. This is called Customer Reference, and Thinktank is one of the leading Customer Reference video providers in Europe. The reference programme involves in-depth strategic client management across various countries and different market sectors. If you're looking to upgrade the standard and quality of your customer reference programme, talk to thinktank. We make great reference films and provide a best-in-class value geared to clients who want the finest content without the heavy price tag normally associated with CR.

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Some sectors require complex, in-depth technical client testimonial appraisals; for example, engineering, banking, technology, education and healthcare.

The skill in making in-depth customer testimonial videos is comprehending the subject matter to get better interview content. It is also paramount to put together a concise end-product so that your in-depth testimonials aren't 15-minutes in duration.

We're good at balancing communicating the right level of information to retain viewer interest in your video production.

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Customer Reviews

It can be a great idea for companies selling online or to the general public to have real-life customer reviews. There's a real art in making customers portray themselves as natural. We use our documentary TV experience to ask questions in a way that we know will get a genuine response – like genuine surprise and excitement about your product. Suppose you're looking for real-life customer reviews to add some weight to your promotional campaign. In that case, we can help get your message across better through visually engaging on-screen customer testimonials.
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Narrated Case Studies

Narrated case studies differ from traditional testimonials in that they contain a narrative of the customer's journey, over and above what you'd normally expect to find in a general client testimonial. Thinktank charts the customer's journey from the initial challenges they faced to the triumphant resolution. Our videos detail every step with clarity and impact. Narrated case studies offer more than a general testimonials in that the narrative demonstrates real-world effectiveness and success. Trust thinktank to bring your testimonial to life and see the difference. 
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Group Testimonials

Thinktank's Group Testimonial videos combine multiple customer voices to create a unified story of satisfaction and success. Each individual testimonial reflects a different perspective, together showcasing the broad appeal and effectiveness of your product. These testimonials are a collective endorsement of your services, providing a varied and comprehensive view of customer satisfaction that you have worked hard to gain. Trust Thinktank to deliver Group Testimonials that demonstrate widespread appeal and reinforce your brand’s reputation on the global stage.
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Peer Reviews

Thinktank produces Peer Reviews testimonials that are designed to add significant weight professional and credibility to your product or service offering. We plan and gather considered testimonials from respected industry experts, lending authority and validation to your offerings. Working with key opinion leaders in their field is the best way to provide peer reviews offer that offer thoughtful, expert perspectives. Choose Thinktank to create your expert Peer Reviews for resounding endorsements that are an expert-led professional seal of approval, when you need it most.
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Event Based

Event-Based Testimonials are designed to capture real-time customer reactions at events or trade shows. Event-based testimonials are all about capturing honest, spontaneous responses, providing an unscripted, yet managed view of the instant appeal that your company provides to its loyal customers. Filming in a live environment adds an an element of excitement and genuineness, showcasing first-hand, endorsements. For genuine, on-the-spot customer feedback, Thinktank’s Event-Based Testimonials are the ideal choice for raising your company profile, along with driving new business opportunities.

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Testimonial Montages

Thinktank’s Testimonial Montages are a dynamic collection of customer endorsements, from a variety of different customers that are advocates of your products or service. We produce testimonial montages in a way that selects and compiles the best snippets from a variety of users to create an upbeat, persuasive film. These montages highlight the broad appeal and success of your product, capturing the enthusiasm of a diverse customer base. With Thinktank's film montages, you're getting a vibrant and concise presentation of your product’s success stories, from a number of different customers.
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If you looking to work with the leading provider of Client Testimonial Videos or Customer Advocacy Films in the UK, call the video production company that can make it happen. We're based in MediaCityUK (Manchester) and Westminster (London).

Client Testimonials FAQs

Making the Best Client Testimonial Videos

Client Testimonials Videos only work if they are authentic, believable and on-message. Beyond our technical and journalistic skills, we're experienced at working with clients and their customers to get clearance from legal teams, locations and, in some cases, celebrity sign-off.

We have a proven track record in making successful customer stories come to life. And, we're able to provide one-off client reference films or, for organisations looking to improve the quality of their endorsements.

Believing in what you do, like Your Customers

We inject passion into reference programs. Our clients often say that we feel like an extension of their in-house team. This is mainly because we take time to understand your business and feel why your clients enjoy using your products or services.

Contributors feel that they can tell their story better when we're interviewing them on camera because we speak confidently about their challenges and how they overcame them with your help.

To take your client testimonials videos or customer endorsement films to the next level, call our Manchester Client Testimonials Team on +44(0)161 826 0106 for further information.

A Reputation Earned in Customer Testimonials

Our documentary, TV and corporate marketing backgrounds are the perfect blend of skills needed to tell captivating customer stories on film. Working in partnership with your key clients, often in super-niche markets, our journalistic and technical prowess helps us capture the customer journey like no other producer of testimonial content.

Customer Interviews Documentary style

One of the key benefits of working with Thinktank is how we can develop a bond of trust with your clients quickly. We have an innate ability to see things through the customer's eyes. We know what to ask, when to ask and how to ask the right questions. It helps us gently and skilfully probe to ask 'pillar questions' in a way that puts every contributor at ease. To get the essential golden quotes that sell your products and services.