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Everything we do within our video production company in London emanates from our experience in making documentary films, live TV and producing corporate video. We have the backing of our sister company - a global marketing agency. This makes Thinktank the number one London video production company that knows how to make your key message easily stand out from the crowd. And, we do it better than anyone else.

We consistently win awards for video productions. From our London video company base, we've earned a truly global reputation. Firstly, we do much more than corporate video, public-sector work, live events, client testimonials and documentary work. Secondly, though we may be in London, you're just as likely to see us in Le Mans or Lithuania. Because we've been doing this since 1997, we've developed deep expertise in several key industry sectors.

Trust Thinktank Video to deliver your next project with real passion and expertise. Call The #1 London video production company on +44 (0)203 610 2306.

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Our London Video Services

Corporate Video

Because our London team originates from a film, TV, documentary and senior management corporate background, we know how to make engaging corporate video productions that connect with customers, clients, staff and stakeholders.

Our full in-house corporate video production service, comprises: location management, scriptwriting, creative direction, strategy, film crews and a comprehensive range of post production services. If you're looking for corporate videos of the highest quality, produced by experts, we're ready to help you!

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Client Testimonials 

Thinktank is recognised as a leading producer of client testimonials in the UK. In fact, we produce many testimonial films around the world for clients who own many of the most coveted brands on the planet

Our unique Client Testimonial offering includes true end-to-end project management services and strategic questioning production services. This helps you fine-tune what you really need to make testimonial videos that deliver results. Clients come to our London production company from all over the world because we're able to manage client testimonials remotely and cost-effectively.

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Social Media Video Content

Invigorate your presence Instagram, Facebook. YouTube or TikTok with social media video content made by Thinktank London; if you're looking to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Our creative approach to Social Media Video Content creation, alongside our expert know-how in running successful social media campaigns, puts you in the driving seat to grow your social presence. Be more engaging, create higher production value social content and explore how you can repurpose social content across multiple platforms with Thinktank.

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TV Advertising

Ever yearned to run a TV Ad campaign and ruled it out because of the expense? Think again. Thinktank London produced TV advertising campaigns that work, for less. And, we make the journey effortless through our full end-to-end media buying, ad scheduling, TV legal, technicals, geo-targeting and ad distribution know-how.

Whether you're running regular TV ads or you're new to the world of TV advertising, Thinktank can help. Our London-based  TV Advertising production services team will ensure you get the biggest impact for your budget.

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Training Videos

We're adept at making training videos that educate, empower and engage. Whether it's through instructional video, interactive video (with branching narratives or multiple choices), e-learning, professional development (CPD) or skill development, we have the expertise to improve training outcomes.

With expertise across many sectors and scriptwriters able to grasp the subject matter quickly, we're able to turn your training objectives into a training programme that achieves the results you deserve.

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Documentary Production

Our documentary production service specialises in real-life, fly-on-the-wall factual observational documentary productions and reality TV. We work with broadcasting partners, independent investors and not-for-profit organisations to create immersive observational on-screen experiences for viewers.

Due to the number of enquiries we receive for Documentary work, we generally only accept direct work on self-commissioned projects or on self-funded pilots and trailers. We don't accept any work for expose-style documentary projects.

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Expert Video Services

It's rare to have an in-house team with a track-record in creating award-winning, innovative video productions in TV, Events, Corporate, Public Sector and Social Media. That's what you're getting with Thinktank London.

We have the experience of working on live TV events, global streaming productions, stadia, festival and arena concerts, with a live audience of 20,000 people.

Conversely, we are equally comfortable in a quiet front room, capturing the life story of a 90-year-old in a way that evokes emotions and connects. It's helped us forge our status as the leading client testimonial film-maker in the UK.

Our London team is run by a director with Public and Private Sector Senior Management and Board Level experience, consulting for Government departments. That's why we create so many corporate videos, training films, recruitment videos, and great educational content.

Sector Excellence

From the boundless skies of Aerospace to the depths of Marine, and the dynamic world of Transport, we've filmed it all. Working airside at major airports, on ships at sea, and even on everyday transport modes like taxis and trains.

For the adventurous souls, we've raced alongside F1 and conquered the Le Mans 24-Hours challenge. Trackside, in-car, and amidst the intensity of WEC races, we capture the thrill.

We make documentaries for TV and online platforms. In Education and Training, we work with global thought leaders, crafting engaging training materials and interactive videos, bringing real-life role play into education. In healthcare, the NHS, and the beauty industry, we're known for award-winning productions. Whether for broadcast, social media, product promotion, or addressing health issues, our blend of creativity and scientific insight in our hallmark. 

The work we do in professional services, banking, finance, , IT, technology, communications, FMCG, the public sector, and the Arts is equally impressive. With every project, we bring innovation and a touch of magic to the screen.

Best Value without the Expense

Our focus is always on delivering high production values, while minimising the often-associated, high costs of video making.

The team and crews are experienced, meaning that you're getting best-value, as this means we can keep crews compact and cost-effective for you. We can (and do) provide crews of 100+ for major video projects. These situations are more the exception than the norm. We fine-tune processes to reduce production time and improve efficiencies for you.

Filming for every platform

Content repurposing is often a key factor when producing video content for clients. Project values can be improved significantly when re-using content across a multitude of platforms.

We make content for Television, Online, Streaming Platforms, Conferences, Live-to-Screen, plus across social platforms  such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Whatever your preferred communication channels, Thinktank can help you get the most out of your video production budget.

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