Reality TV

We work with a number of reality TV stars and have a background making observational documentaries both for factual and scripted broadcast. We’ve done several co-productions alongside leading TV production companies and used content for celebrity social campaigns, running alongside reality shows.

Funded, Conceptual and Scripted Reality

We work in the same way as we approach documentary filming. We can either produce your commissioned film, once budgets are in place, or we can make trailers for your reality shows, as long as they are funded in advance.

Co-productions following commissioning

For clients who commission us for trailers, we can help them write proposals for commissioning editors and we can co-produce their ideas following commission.

Contact the Reality TV specialists

If you're looking for a Reality TV production company in the UK, we're based in MediaCityUK (Manchester) and Westminster (London).


We provide a VIP service for celebrities looking to partner with a production company on reality TV shows. We can provide the production and post-production team alongside camera crew and help you get your production aired. We simply need production costs covered for making trailers and we are happy to agree co-production terms for any successfully commissioned TV series.

To turn your idea into reality on TV, call +44(0)161 826 0106 now.