Social Media Video Content

We work with agencies and clients providing Social Media video content creation services. Our specialist Social Media team plan and drive Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn campaigns. And, we employ talented individuals who have strong marketing, creative, digital and branding backgrounds. So from a commercial viewpoint, we're very much socially savvy.

Thinktank Film Productions may be a wise choice if you're looking for the ideal Social Media Video content creator partner. From one-off social media video campaigns to full-throttle video content management - we'll take care of it!

Our Social Media Content Creator Philosophy

Our approach to creating Social Media Video Content is simple. We provide an unrivalled blend of creative genius and marketing know-how. Plus, our cinematic expertise is unequalled. We get right to the heart of the brief straight away.

Our knowledge of delivering multi-platform content for TV, Online and every type of Social Media ensures that you can repurpose your Social Content to extend its use - great when you're looking for evergreen content.

Social Content Creation for Brands, Organisations & Influencers

We love working with established and emerging brands. We bring our experience of film-making and social media marketing into every social media video, viral or reel that we produce. Our Manchester-based team works extensively with global organisations; we can plan, produce and co-ordinate complex multilingual social media video content for your local or international marketing requirements.

Social Media Video Content Creation


The first and best platform for online video content creation. YouTube is the perfect social platform to host, engage and share content. It's a great medium for sharing long-form video content with users who may appreciate a more in-depth insight into the subject matter you're covering.

You can quickly develop a big following on the YouTube platform and monetise content easily if your business model is centred on showcasing new vlogger content. Thinktank produces content for YouTube and manages all aspects of YouTube video marketing for clients seeking to grow their online following through using video.

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Facebook Videos

Facebook and Instagram are fully integrated to share your video content seamlessly between the Meta-owned platforms. You can easily link Facebook and Instagram stories, using video content to improve your social engagement massively. While static content tends to be here today, gone tomorrow, videos are often picked up and shared with other users, giving you far more longevity.

We produce regular content for Facebook and Instagram and know the best ways to film content for traditional, square or portrait delivery. Find out how to make your Facebook videos work better, and call us today.

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Instagram, Reels & IGTV

Video posts and Instagram reels can skyrocket your social following and engagement. Video content used for Instagram works well for both organic and paid campaigns. Users are far more likely to stop scrolling when they see video content.

Instagram Reels works well for short videos, and you can maintain that interest by having users seamlessly switch over to IGTV to continue watching longer videos. We produce awesome video content for Instagram, Instagram Reels and IGTV, and we manage, organise, plan and deliver the complete suite of services for social media content creation.

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LinkedIn is the dominant social platform for business-to-business growth. LinkedIn has been slower to embrace video than other social platforms, a latecomer to the party. Yet, research shows that video makes it 500% easier to start a new conversation with new contacts than what can be achieved with traditional methods. Improve your effectiveness on Twitter and optimise your return on investment by interacting with senior decision-makers on LinkedIn, with better video content than your competition. Talk to us today about getting noticed on LinkedIn and help us create the best LinkedIn video content for you.

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TikTok is brilliant but not a mainstream go-to solution for business to business marketing. It comes into its own and is really useful for brands  directly targeting users aged 18-24, because of its loyal younger demographic user base. It's the ideal platform to use high-quality video content to engage users. Brands can also leverage innovations such as Spark Ads, which relies on UGC or your video content to work.

You can create branded hashtag ad campaigns alongside video content - making TikTok one of the most effective ways to reach a younger target demographic in great numbers.

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Social Posts

When used together with still image-type content, video provides a magnetic way to engage with your followers. And, video can help you quickly build up a loyal social following. Video opens up all social channels to increase your social presence and brand visibility.

TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube and Vimeo are content-rich platforms, relying exclusively on fresh video content creation, to keep your followers coming back. Whether you're looking to extend your reach, enhance engagement or add video to your social presence, Thinktank can help you produce immersive video content.

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If you're using Twitter-X as a communication medium, you'll be well versed with the growth of video on the social platform. Although Twitter has historically been a text-based platform, video produces a 1000% increase in user engagement than text or image-based tweets.

Marketers can use Twitter Video Adverts to save over 50% on their cost per engagement. If you're looking to incorporate Twitter into your promotional mix, talk to us about how we can help you produce the best social media video content for use on Twitter.

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Facebook Live

Facebook live is simple enough to stream from your mobile phone or desktop. And it can produce great results. We have high-end corporate and broadcast quality equipment which can turn your Facebook Live sessions into highly professional live streaming productions.

For clients looking to tap into the Facebook Live platform with a more professional approach, we can provide a dedicated streaming service, along with multicamera crew and comfort monitors so you can see how your broadcast looks during the live session.

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YouTube is the King of video content on the web; however, many video content creators prefer Vimeo to host, share and embed content. Vimeo has a superior film quality compared with YouTube. Videos often look best on Vimeo. Suppose you have a product that is enhanced by showcasing high-quality video content. In that case, you can use Vimeo alongside YouTube to manage and distribute your social media video content. The platform enables offers powerful control over how video content is viewed or shared and it has a clean interface for video content management. We create and convert videos for Vimeo.
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Snapchat is a social channel with a huge under 35 user-base. Businesses sometimes struggle to grasp the usefulness of the Snapchat sales model because the content is mostly transient, disappearing instantly after viewing.

Video can be used effectively in burst advertising style and incorporated into Snapchat stories, which remain live for 24-hours after posting. For clients looking for high-impact Snapchat video content, we can provide full-service, from planning production to delivery. Our advice would be to make sure you consider Snapchat as a viable option as some brands have remarkable success with the platform.

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Perhaps the most eloquent visual social media platform of all is Pinterest. Pinterest relies on well-made content to attract followers. And market research has proven that users are much more likely to watch video content on Pinterest.

About ¾ of Pinterest users enjoy watching new video content. If you're using Pinterest within your social mix, we can help you produce regular, informative and highly engaging film content. We're experts in producing broadcast-quality video productions, and we regularly produce filmed content for all social channels. Improve your visual identity on Pinterest, enhance your following - start by  getting in touch today!

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Facebook and Instagram operate under the banner of Meta. Thinktank creates content for every Meta platform. We understand how to produce and serve digital video content really well. Our knowledge of storytelling techniques, film production, organic and paid social channels places us at the forefront of Meta's new and emerging technologies.

We manage and distribute organic and paid video content for Meta. Thinktank also produces video content under private label agreements with social media agencies and provides filmed content direct to clients. So, whenever Meta introduces new initiatives, we're instantly ready to provide content in the best format.

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Call the Social Media Content video experts

Looking to add a professional dimension to your Social Media Videos? We can make it happen? Reach out to our MediaCityUK (Manchester) or Westminster (London) team today to find out how we can help!

Social Media Video Content FAQs

Making Engaging Social Media Best Video Content

In today's world, we consume a vast amount of social media video content daily - at work, home and when we're out and about. What makes social videos good? And, what makes good social video content great? Developing strong creative ideas and engagingly delivering them is what we do best. Getting your social video content noticed on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Snapchat is a real challenge - unless you're an established market leader with a huge following. We're able to deliver fresh content quickly, effortlessly and above all, in a way that engages with your end audience. We can deliver filmed content that works for your planned campaigns, whatever your social strategy.

Video Posts, Stories, Reels for Social Success

If you're investing in Social Content, you're likely to want to repurpose our productions across multiple social platforms. Direct on your site, for events and, maybe, for broadcast television purposes in many cases. We can help you maximise engagement and response while working with you to repurpose social content to get the most out of your social video budget.

Don’t be shy. Be more social - Call Manchester (UK) on +44(0)161 826 0106 for your next Social filming project.