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Thinktank’s here, championing Health and Beauty video production for discerning clients that appreciate having the highest quality content. We highlight what sets your brand apart – from life-changing aesthetic cosmetic treatments to the art of beauty rituals. Connecting you to your audience, inspiring them and capturing the true essence of your work in an authentic and relatable way – that’s what Thinktank does best!

Types of Health and Beauty Productions

Cosmetic Treatments

Thinktank’s clients include some of the UK’s leading Cosmetic Treatment Clinics and we provide ethical aesthetic treatment cinematography reflecting the transformation process for patients. We’ve work with world-leading surgical and Aesthetics clinics, plus global pioneers of non-invasive treatments such as Botox, fillers and 8D Lip Design.

Our cosmetic transformation videos follow the patient’s journey in an honest and engaging way, using visual storytelling in cosmetic surgery that showcases your meticulous skills and the profound positive impact your treatments have on individual lives.

Using a mix of high-end cinematic techniques together with documentary storytelling skills, Thinktank showcases your service excellence. We make surgical and non-surgical cosmetic video content, testimonials of emotive, life-changing results and before and after videos.

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Beauty Treatments

Immerse audiences in the rejuvenating aura of beauty treatments with Thinktank's cinematic expertise. Our Beauty Treatment video production team brings to life the allure of your salon, spa or clinic in away that leaves clients yearning to explore the experience that your satisfied clients enjoy every time they visit you.

Whether it’s the allure of a nurturing facial, a rejuvenating massage or a (HD) High-Definition beauty service, we capture the very essence of your luxury beauty treatments.

For Beauty Treatment companies looking to build a social following or monetise their expert knowledge, we create beauty treatment tutorials, make client testimonial films and reinforce the social responsibility in offering an ethical, sustainable approach to using organic beauty treatments for clients.

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Product Showcases

Do you have your own line of beauty products or are you considering marketing your own brand? That’s where Thinktank can help – unveiling the allure of your new product range through high-end advertising and informational product showcases.

We create innovative high-end beauty product visuals to help you build sustainable, ethical beauty brands. With a team of dedicated TV advertising production professionals, we create insightful narratives that accentuate the unique attributes and real-world benefits of your beauty products.

Our ability to build brands through cinematic product presentations, TV ads and Social Content will help you develop strong ethical beauty brands.

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Influencer Collaboration

We work with big brands and influencers in collaboration, to help grow beauty brands, niche-products, and new treatments. Whether it’s a global campaign with a key macro influencer, or a niche-specialist micro-influencer, Thinktank can produce your influencer partnership videos.

We create ad-style reels, TV adverts and behind-the-scenes influencer shoots to give a unique insight into the excitement behind your growing brand. We specialise in influence video marketing through creating authentic influencer visuals to maximise brand engagement, increasing reach and followers, to drive traffic conversions for your beauty brand or business.

When you’re looking to grow your influencer collaborations and improve your social media presence, Thinktank can help.

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Bring your clinic experience to life with Thinktank’s experience of working with some of the world’s leading health and beauty clinics. As an award-winning producer of health and beauty films, videos, and streaming content, we’ve featured on national TV, producing innovative video content, direct from the heart of our client’s prestigious clinics.

Whether you’re looking to attract new clients with powerful testimonial films, highlight patient care, or demonstrate your skills through our advanced treatment technique videos, we have the experience you need. We use macro cinematography, automated robotic multi camera setups, documentary crews and live-streaming technicians to create advanced high-tech clinic treatment videos. Attract new clients by differentiating your clinic and service from the competition, by calling Thinktank today.


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Spa Breaks

Do you have a spa experience, new spa technology or luxury spa break offering that you’re marketing? Showcase your luxury spa experience or technology, by working with our health and beauty cinematography team and sound design engineers, to transport online viewers into the serene ambience of spa.

We copy write and storyboard in a way that encapsulates the rejuvenating experiences that await your clients, making your spa experience irresistible.

The wellness and luxury spa market is fiercely competitive in the UK and with offerings such as eco-spa experiences, luxury spas and holistic spa experiences on offer across the country, it’s vital that you choose a partner that understands the needs of your target audience and knows how to create that feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation through producing innovative spa experience videos.

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Are you promoting your venue for wellness retreats, or do you have an brand or influencer brand that offers that sumptuous holistic retreat experience at a variety of getaway locations throughout the world?

With so many retreats, luxury wellness experiences or mindfulness courses available online, it can be a challenge to capture market share in what is becoming an increasingly competitive market. We focus on the experience, the journey and the empowering nature of your retreat experience, to attract new clients looking for the ultimate retreat for themselves.

Whether you’re promoting yoga, meditation, mindfulness, wellness or a digital detox experience, choose Thinktank to help highlight your unique offering and infuse the tranquillity clients are looking for, using our expertise.

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Creating reviews that get viewers is an art. We create authentic product experience videos, consumer review films and video testimonial videos – just some of the services that we provide within our video review services. Give your audience fresh insights into the emerging trends or advantages of a particular product or service.

Follow the journey of people who’s lives have been transformed with genuine video testimonials. We manage, compile and edit User Generated Content (UGC) for social media or news coverage.

And, by using side-by-side or comparative product reviews, you can help prospective customers choose your product rather than the competition. Reach out today and explore how you can improve your marketing through our video reviews service.

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We’ve produced client and customer testimonials in every corner of the world. And our videos transform brands into global leaders through captivating customer testimonials, that we make using an expert blend of TV Advertising expertise, combined with Corporate Product Launches and Documentary TV production.

Thinktank is Europe’s leading producer of testimonial films, producing content that connects your brand to its audience, by clients telling your story in a way that is so powerful and convincing, it just works. We make before and after videos and long-term client journey videos that reveal how client’s lives have been transformed by organisations within the health and beauty sector.

If you’re looking to work with the company that makes the best testimonial videos in the UK, come to Thinktank.

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Ensure that customers get the best out of your products by teaching them the best way to use them through ‘how-to’ videos. We produce beauty routine video guides, wellness visual tutorials and step-by-step beauty that get engagement and ultimately, built trust with your audience.

If you’re promoting at-home use of your products, we can provide DIY beauty tutorial videos, self-care routines or daily wellness routines that generate social media engagement and attract loyal followers. Thinktank can highlight the versatility of your products, reinforce value for money or reinforce the luxurious essence and feel-good factor associated with buying your prestigious beauty product.

Choose Thinktank and discover how you can get produce high-end ‘how-to ‘video content that celebrity influencers and big brands benefit from.

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Seasonal Features

Make the most of every opportunity by introducing seasonal promotions and seasonal features video content to your audience. Align your brand with current fashions and trends. Increase organic engagement by creating promotional videos in line with your customers' lifestyle needs.

By having evergreen social content to use each year for summer holidays, seasonal campaigns for Christmas, Valentines Day or demonstrating seasonal skin routines for winter, you can keep your brand relevant to the day-to-day needs of your audience.

We can help you produce diverse social content so that your products are used all year round. Best of all, through running seasonal feature campaigns, your customers will feel understood and appreciated, helping increase improve brand loyalty.

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