Health and Beauty video

Thinktank works with clinics, salons, spas, retail stores and suppliers within the Health & Beauty market. We make TV adverts, promotional films and social media content for online. We've regularly produced crowd-funding videos. And, we regularly work with exclusive private clinics making a range of promotional and educational productions.

Our work extends beyond the norm within health as we produce thought-provoking films for mental health training and awareness, life skills and public awareness productions to promote well-being. We're probably the ideal partner to make your next, or your first, health and beauty video.

Health, Spas & Cometic Surgery Videos

Our work includes working for health clubs, private health spas, cosmetic and non-cosmetic clinics, beauty retailers, goods manufacturers and partners.

Our understanding of mental health film production extends into lifelong conditions such as bereavement counselling, Autism (ASC), Narcissistic Personality Disorders and depression. We’ve filmed a number of leading key opinion leaders and celebrities in support of the health initiatives we have promoted.

We work with clients looking to secure crowd-funding for their novel health products and services. Additionally, we’ve helped launch vitamins and all kinds of medical products around the world for our clients and provide a comprehensive advice and guidance service for clients requiring Health films.

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Working throughout the Health & Beauty Sector

Thinktank makes a wealth of films for the health & beauty sector, including:

  • Health & Beauty spas
  • Hairdressing & accessories
  • Neutraceuticals & Vitamins
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair restoration
  • NHS
  • Private & NHS Clinics
  • Mental health
  • Autism (ASC)
  • NPD
  • Healthcare promotion

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