Educational Videos

Our first award for film-making was for an educational video production, helping to tackle the Health of the Nation initiative around obesity. Since then, the relatively unknown cast of that public information film have gone on to enjoy 25-years of national television success.

Our approach to making high-impact informative and educational film productions comes from our roots in documentary productions and our experience of consulting for the UK Government, Presidents and Rulers of other countries.

We make real-life and reconstruction-style educational video, for organisations looking to engage with specific audiences, raise awareness or for public information purposes.

How do we make Information films for learning

Get in touch to find out how we can make your educational film production successful.

What type of informative films do we make?

Very often we're asked to play an important role in the strategic process alongside communications or marketing teams who need to reach out and engage directly with their target audiences. These audiences can include a wide spectrum of public sector, specialist industry niches or most often the general public.

Typical examples of the types of educational films we make are:

  • Short documentaries for charities
  • Educational films to help schools, universities, colleges or specialist education providers
  • Commercial lobbying - raising profiles
  • Public information about medical conditions
  • General public information films
  • films to educate professional groups
  • Raising medical issues such as mental health, autism etc.
  • Fundraising films


We absolutely will not work on any kind of production involving an expose or anything intended to shock or offend people. That simply something we’re interested in.

We prefer real-life stories, observational documentaries or educationally-led films with interesting content about special people, unique places or something very unusual with an imaginative back-story.

Budgets and On-Time Project Delivery

Our documentary productions range from producing teaser films (for commissioning editors) or full documentary films or funded co-productions.

If you meet the qualifying criteria for making a documentary with thinktank, call +44(0)161 826 0106 to discuss your documentary project with one of our producers.