Our Production Clients

There's only one video production company in Manchester that's worked with more than 50 celebrity clients and over 100 famous brands. Thinktank.

Producing videos for kick-starter and crowd-funding projects helps, we help entrepreneurs raise their game. In the corporate world, thinktank helps start-ups right up to major big company brands. And, celebrities too!

What about our award-winning production team? Accolades for script-writing. Industry-firsts in live event video. Multiple honours for the medical and educational films we've made. Thinktank Manchester has it all.  

Our Production Clients


There's one film & video production company in Manchester that has worked with more than 50 celebrity clients and over 100 famous brands.

We produce videos for kick-starter, crowd-funding projects, start-ups - right up to major blue chip companies and celebrities.

thinktank and it's production team have won awards for scriptwriting, corporate video, reconstructive documentaries, live events and public information films and, our team has a strong track-record in broadcast television.

Filming UK and Global Brands

Corporate video, TV ads, Product launch, training & customer reference films

We have a truly global presence, without having global offices - which our clients love. From MediaCityUK in Manchester, England, we work across Europe, Middle East, Africa and The United States. Working hours are adapted to suit client needs.

Thinktank co-ordinates international, multilingual film productions, providing a full service offering to our clients.

Whether you're trying to access UK & European markets or simply wanting to standardise and consolidate your message to a global audience, thinktank film & video can help you reach your audience more effectively.

Videos for Start-ups, Growing and FTSE-100 Companies

Video production for companies with one to 250-employees

We often get asked if we can produce cost-effective video productions for new, established or growing organisations. Because we're a relatively small company ourselves, we know how you think and understand the importance of working within set budgets.

Establishing a stronger online presence, we create films which get you traction. We can help strengthen your social media platform. And, we can get you on an equal footing with the big players in your market, through creative film production, making you look a lot bigger than you may be.

A growing number of small companies look to thinktank to make customer reference (testimonial) video, or to manage online and social media platform content. If you think film can help you grow, find out more by calling thinktank video productions on Manchester on +44 (0)161 826 0106

Our Celebrity Clients

Celebrity clients & private filming

We work with celebrities looking to build, enhance or strengthen their brand. Working with A-list celebs, sports icons and reality TV stars, we're able to add something special to your brand or social media presence. This is achieved through the power of our internal marketing team, working alongside thinktank's video production division. And, this is how we help celebrity clients grow their individual brand.

We never divulge our celebrity client base and work discreetly for you. Whether its a major launch, producing your new showreel or you simply need a film production team you can trust. For filming your most private family moments, without the worry of the media getting to hear about your private life.

Because all of services are in-house, you are assured of an exclusive and confidential film production service. Find out how by calling thinktank video productions Manchester now.

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