Charity videos & Not for profit films

For over 25-years we've worked extensively with ethical charity and not-for-profit organisations, producing award-winning charity videos. We help raise awareness with the general public, invite new donors and actively engage with stakeholders, partners, patients and group members to promote your specialist interests.

Our work with not-for-profit organisations includes international organisations, awareness groups, charities, Ombudsman organisations, hospitals and local authorities. We produce films for charitable causes which emote, engage and raise the profile for whatever worthwhile cause you are seeking to achieve. Get in touch with Thinktank today and find out how to make your next Charity video production work better for you.

Types of Videos for Charity

Awareness & Advocacy

As Thinktank's sister organisation is a marketing agency, we're adept at optimising your charity's awareness and advocacy campaigns, like no other video production company can. By harnessing the emotional impact of film, we highlight urgent societal issues, inspiring audiences to take concrete action.

Our strategic creativity ensures your message captures both hearts and minds, mobilising people towards impactful, social change.  With Thinktank, you can be sure that your cause gets the attention it rightly deserves, from public to policy-makers alike.

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Charity Fundraising

Enhance your fundraising efforts and bring home the cause of your charitable mission through the most effective method - telling stories. Our storytelling expertise encourages donations by fusing emotional narratives with factual rigor. Storytelling is proven to be the most effective way for charities to increase donations.

Whether it's a testimonial or authentic portrayals of your mission, we know how to turn facts into emotionally charged stories, encouraging more, generous contributions. Raise your game. Get more donations. Choose Thinktank.

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Charity Recruitment

Looking to recruit more volunteers? Wanting to get the right volunteers for your mission? Wanting to improve training within your organisation. We work throughout the not-for-profit sector helping organisations like yours to recruit staff and volunteers.

By understanding your ethos and film-making, we're able to bring to life your recruitment campaigns, giving them a new lease of life. Together with our knowledge of producing training content, Thinktank can help your organisation acquire staff and volunteers that are the perfect fit, whilst providing them with effective training content.

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Beneficiary Stories

Experience the transformative power of authentic storytelling by recanting the individual stories of your beneficiaries, with Thinktank. As experts in documentary productions, testimonial video and the Charity sector, we know how to breathe life and emotion into the very people which serve as living testimonials of your charity's mission.

Using emotionally engaging production methods and music that tugs at the heartstrings, we create factually accurate narratives that connect your cause with potential donors, sponsors and stakeholders; establishing long-term trust.

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Engaging Communities

We understand that community engagement is essential for your success, whether that's at a local, regional, national or global level, depending on your cause.

Whilst every charity aspires to find their own Captain Tom Moore character, few charitable causes have that kind of pulling power, unless you have a well-respected famous patron on-board.

Whatever your community engagement strategy, Thinktank can help optimise and elevate its reach and impact, through its expertise in delivering high-impact productions.

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Annual Reports

Many charitable organisations and trusts want to shout about their milestone successes, having only annual reports, impact statements and PR as primary communication tools.

We artfully and cleverly convert these milestones, metrics and major achievements into emotionally engaging stories, using the power of cinematography to wow and impress your stakeholders. By choosing Thinktank, you have a newfound ability to transform mandatory updates into video content that gives everyone from staff, stakeholders and donors a real sense of purpose.

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Charity Legacy 

Whether you're looking to reinforce loyalty for your cause, attract new sponsors or reach a different demographic, like a younger audience, legacy films stand the test of time.

Help secure and celebrate your charity's success by showcasing the journey you've travelled to get to where you are today. you may be looking to simply chronicle your monumental strides or create a new, hero production to highlight your successes.

Choose Thinktank to help safeguard your legacy for future generations.

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Charity Crisis Appeals

In times of crisis or emergency, everyone needs to maintain focus on doing things right, no matter what the challenges.

Thinktank's experience in Issues Management and Media Training, has helped many organisations deal with extreme situations that threaten their very existence.

Whether it's a Crisis Appeal for funding or help, or if you have a challenging media situation, we're the ideal partner for helping you endure your crisis, with a cool, calm and experienced head. You can rely on Thinktank for sure!

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Educational Content

Even respected household-name charities need to highlight their raison d'être, explaining what they do, how they do it and why. If your organisation aspires to connect with more people, it's lively that educational content forms an important part of your communication strategy.

Thinktank unlocks your potential through the power of educational films. Our expertise in translating sometimes complex topics into accessible, captivating content, is second-to-none. Harness our expertise in documentary film-making and educational content.

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Internal Comms

For larger, national or international charities, internal communications can help promote internal unity and harmony, especially important in times when external factors are impacting the workplace or volunteer motivation.

We have an outstanding track-record in bringing together organisations through the medium of video, in a way that helps maintain focus and that all-important sense of a shared vision.

Choose Thinktank be your partner in nurturing a vibrant, cohesive workplace culture.

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Boost your charity's visibility with a dedicated Thinktank sponsorship videos. Connecting your ethos with your current or prospective sponsors, we highlight your shared goals aspirations. Our films underscore the powerful alliance between your charity and its sponsors, making a compelling case for support.

By emphasising these vital collaborations, we draw in potential sponsors and supporters. With Thinktank, harness the strength of meaningful partnerships and supercharge your mission. Join forces with us to inspire commitment, and maximise your reach.

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Video Podcasts

Why not develop an engaging video podcasts series that you can use to reach a broader audience, Serialised content ensures sustained attention, allowing your charity to address individual aspects of your mission in depth.

Let Thinktank write, produce, film and edit your podcast series, encouraging repeat engagement whilst turning viewers into lifelong donors.

Building an extensive library of video podcast material can be an important way for you to foster more meaningful discussions .

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Charity Expertise

Our Executive Producer for has worked with charities, making films and providing marketing communications advice - previously having worked at board level within a UK public sector organisation, partnering with multiple charitable organisations.

Essentially, you'll be working with a producer who has delivered key consultancy services at local, regional and national level to a number of Government Departments and Educational Institutions and Charities. Plus of course a great deal of experience in working with stakeholders and sponsors, where understanding the nuances of internal politics is essential to success. We've also got a lot of experience working at board-level with various NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts and Commissioning Groups. And with Vice Principals at Universities in the UK and Middle East.

It's essential to that your film and video content receives wide approval from your boards, directors, SLT, stakeholders and partners alike. We know how to approach this challenge. And, we understand that governance and due diligence is factored-into every public sector video production. This starts from the moment we meet, then throughout the process from creative development through to roll-out of the finished video or film.

Thinktank - the Charity / Not-for-Profit video experts

Reach out to Thinktank, the go-to company for Charity & Not-for- Profit video production in the UK. To find out how we can help you produce better video content, call our London or Manchester team now!

How we work with Charities

We enjoy working with committees, sub-committees and stakeholders to gain buy-in and agreement. And know the process inside-out. We’re understanding, patient and listen carefully to individual and collective perspectives throughout the process. And, where it’s needed we have the kudos and experience to get decisions made and keep the production process moving. That's how we turn good  public sector video productions into great ones!

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