Public Sector Videos

We’re specialists in making public sector video and high-profile film productions for Government departments in the UK and internationally Our senior teams in London and Manchester have director-level experience within the public sector and consult for Government departments. We've helped government departments with both video productions and long-term development of video communications strategies. Thinktank's ability to forge a bond of trust with Government Officials, Government Departments, Local Authority (LA / Local Council) SLTs and Key Stakeholders is vital to the way we work.

We make public sector video productions for the NHS, NHS Trusts; primary, secondary and FE/HE schools; colleges and universities; independent institutes; training providers; Government departments for Industry, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Health & Social Care, Education, The Home Office, Science, Innovation and Technology etc.

Types of Videos for The Public Sector

Public Information Video & Films

Thinktank specialises in creating public information video that expertly balance educational and instructive content. Our UK public sector films are built on a collaborative approach to creating public awareness videos that actively engage with Government departments, stakeholders, partners, and public interest bodies, in equal measure.

We’re experienced at ensuring our videos align closely with Government objectives. Whether it’s a national awareness campaign or a local authority / council (LA) information video that’s needed, we know how to achieve your goals.

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Interactive Training Video & Films

Through creating interactive training films for UK Public Services, we optimise user engagement.

There’s nothing better than seeing training participants making informed choices of ‘options’ during structured interactive roleplay video sessions. And, people learn so much more by seeing in real-time, how their choices play out; positively, or with scenario-based consequences.

Interactive Training Video works equally well for new starters as much as it can do to provide confidence for experienced staff seeking to develop or reinforce their skillsets.

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Training Videos

Training video for the public sector is an important element in the drive to improve engagement, standards and fulfil important objectives. Video content used for training within the public sector can be modularised in a way that significantly increases the shelf-life of the training material, makes it easier to change and critically, it is the content that is retained better than any other form of training material available today.

Video content can be quickly rolled-out, repurposes with minimal effort and provides a consistent and controlled way of imparting information in an immersive and engaging way.

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Public Sector Crisis Communication

Are you looking for the best crisis management video production company in the UK? Clarity and timeliness are crucial during crisis situations. Our team has handled real-life national crisis and with a background in delivering media training programmes for senior leaders looking to improve their skills in front of camera, we know what to do for you.

Our crisis team provide immediate, well-articulated and a level-headed approach to producing crisis communication videos. We adhere to risk management principles, public policy directives and can produce and edit crisis communication content very quickly.

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Public Sector Service Launch Videos

Whether you’re launching a new policy initiative or simply looking to communicate the launch of a new service offering to the public, our Public Sector video production capabilities are considered best-in-class.

In addition to us having senior management experience within the public sector, we also have as number of areas of niche-area expertise that makes Thinktank the ideal choice for public sector video production in the UK. We produce Government / Public Sector videos for UK and international governments, Local Authorities (LA), Councils and Public Bodies such as Ombudsman Services.

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Stakeholder Engagement Videos

Public Sector Stakeholder videos are an important part of the communication strategy in recognition that other organisations, groups or communities have a key interest in a particular subject area. By including stakeholders in the development of video content, this ensures that the key messages are understood and can be communicated in a harmonious way.

Whether you’re making a public sector or Local Authority video /to communicate directly with stakeholders or wanting to engage with them to gain their buy-in to what you’re doing, Thinktank is the go-to video production company that can help you achieve your aims.

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Public Sector Educational Videos

Our educational video production is innovative, cost-efficient and expertly produced by a team with a strong background in Public Sector, Education, Training and communications.

Promoting public awareness through education, signposting and instruction is at the heart of what we do best. We’re adept at balancing dissemination of facts, advice and guidance, with empathy and impact – communicating easily to specifics group or select audiences. We educate, illustrate, and communicate in a creative way, enriching understanding to generate positive community dialogue.

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Public Sector Awareness Videos

Looking at running a public awareness campaign to support your public service films strategy? Thinktank’s ability to produce creative films about subjects such as public health, environmental sustainability, social justice and other key topics enables you to get your message across in a way that is innovative, simple and engaging. Raising public awareness through video is key to generating dialogue, overcoming urban myths, accessing seldom heard groups, overcoming barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) or ensuring targets are met for public health programmes, such as vaccinations. We work at all levels of Government and LA/ local Council.

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Public Sector
Event Filming

Thinktank’s award-wining multi-camera event filming services delivers live streaming and event filming productions around the world. We deliver public sector video productions for conference halls, seminars and open-air events.

At the forefront of innovation, our public sector event filming services have been used to make ground-breaking live productions, incorporating interactive live feeds to International TV News, National Radio and Social Media channels. Thinktank provides a full end-to-end management service for event filming for the public sector.

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Local Authority Videos

Local Authority videos (LA or Local Council) promote community engagement, helping residents feel like there is a genuinely inclusive approach to making best-interest decisions, on behalf of the area, wards or individual communities.

Local Council videos (or local authority - LA) provide transparent communication by showing how decisions are made, what those decisions are that affect the local community and, what is going to happen. Whether it’s a Local Council film production, a Community Outreach video or local service promotion, Thinktank can help you explain policy and improve local community engagement.

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Government Video Services

Strengthening Government credibility and trustworthiness in what you are doing can be supported by selecting the right Government video services partner. Explaining or clarifying new policy decisions through well-designed policy briefing films helps build a powerful and convincing narrative about what you are doing. Our UK Government video services / LA/ Council Video Services provide policy clarity and give you more kudos in support of your objectives. Find out how Thinktank can help you create national campaign videos that get the message across in an authoritative and empathetic way, building trust and understanding with the public.

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Public Safety Videos

When there’s a need for immediate comprehensibility and action-oriented guidance by Government, public safety videos are the best way to support your communication strategy. An expertly produced public safety video helps provide the national and local media with content rich video to improve viewer engagement. Thinktank is the ideal video production partner to produce video content for crisis management of public safety guidelines. We mitigate risk through scripting films for maximum engagement and retention of information. Our attention to detail and ability to quickly turn around productions quickly is essential during times of crisis.

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Public Sector Experience & Expertise

Our senior producer for public sector video and charity films previously worked at board level within a UK public sector organisation and has an excellent grasp of National Government, Local Government Offices, Local Authority / LA / Council Policies and an excellent grasp of Ombudsman Services.

Essentially, you'll be working with a team who delivers film and key marketing consultancy services at local, regional and national level to a number of Government Departments and Educational Institutions ,Charities and Ombudsman Services. Plus of course a great deal of experience in producing public sector video. We've also got a lot of experience working at board-level with various NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts and Commissioning Groups. And with Vice Principals at Universities in the UK and Middle East.

It's essential to that your film and video content receives wide approval from your boards, directors, SLT, stakeholders and partners alike. We know how to approach this challenge. And, we understand that governance and due diligence is factored-into every public sector video production. This starts from the moment we meet, then throughout the process from creative development through to roll-out of the finished video or film.

Thinktank - the Public Sector Video experts

we're the go-to company for Public Sector and Local Authority video production in the UK. To find out how we can help you communicate better, call our London or Manchester team today.

Questions about Public Sector Video

How we work with the Public Sector

We enjoy working with committees, sub-committees and stakeholders to gain buy-in and agreement. And know the process inside-out. We’re understanding, patient and listen carefully to individual and collective perspectives throughout the process. And, where it’s needed we have the kudos and experience to get decisions made and keep the production process moving. That's how we turn good public sector video productions into great ones!

For your next public sector video or film project, get in touch with our London (+44(0)203 610 2306) or Manchester (+44(0)161 826 0106) team today.