Media, Arts & Entertainments Video

Our senior team includes musicians, session players and award-winning scriptwriters. We have an affinity for Arts & Entertainment, training staff and students at UK flagship centres of excellence. We’ve won media awards for our productions and news stories. Thinktank produces live and pre-recorded content for major music performing artists and entertainers.

We’ve been commissioned by a wealth of media companies to work for them over the years and achieved several industry-firsts in our quest to push the boundaries in Media, Arts & Entertainment video production.

Our Background in Media, Arts & Entertainment

Our background in television, news, media and the music industry makes a big difference to the way we approach working with clients in your field. We know what it takes to make a great story. We have the passion and technical know-how to make any production work and having performed on TV as professional musicians, we really get what it takes to be an artist on stage - and understand what we need to film to make your production that little bit better than you’d otherwise get from a generalist video team.

Multi-Camera Productions

Filming in 4K our multi-camera film production services offer you the ability to capture a live mix and/or individual cameras for post-production. We can film live to screen, provide streaming and full content delivery network metrics or produce live outside broadcast with delivery by satellite. Our service includes production, stage, floor and distribution services and depending on budget, we make can produce multi-venue, multi-site productions to integrate separate live events into one seamless production. Practically everything for making media, arts and entertainment video!

Thinktank for Media, Arts & Entertainment

We're an award-winning, innovative video company for the Media, Arts and Entertainment secctor. To find out how we can help you improve your video content, call our London or Manchester team today.

Studio, College, Festival & Location

Our film services for the Media, Arts and Entertainment sector can be provided in-studio, on-site within your building or, on-location, at your chosen venue.

Speak to one of our Media, Arts and Entertainment video producers, based in Manchester @MediaCityUK - call now on +44(0)161 826 0106.