Product Videos

Thinking of how to communicate your new product better? Thinktank produces exciting and engaging go-to-market launch films and promotional product videos that work! Before setting up the company, our directors and producers enjoyed careers in launching brands and promoting products for the world's biggest companies.

Whatever your needs, Thinktank has the expertise and creativity to make promotional product videos that deliver bottom-line sales..

Types of Product Video

Product Promotion

Ideally, everyone would have the opportunity to see your product and see for themselves how good it is. In reality, the best way to get your product in front of your target audience is by giving your audience a video to watch, highlighting the features and benefits. It's also the most cost-effective way to reach an audience because of the potentially high costs of other forms of product promotion available to you. There are various ways of making promotional product videos, and we can help your promotion by using our skills honed in TV advertising, big-brand marketing and broadcast television.

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Product Launch

We provide product launch videos for UK and International markets. We can produce launch films in different languages and localised geo-targeted footage for global product launches. Whether you need launch videos for the trade, your sales team, online, social or broadcast, we're good at bringing everything together so that you maximise the impact of your product launch video while minimising budget expenditure. Our experience of providing high-impact launch films for 25-years means that you're always in safe hands with Thinktank. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

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Sales Video

Making sales videos for your products can be pivotal to reaching new markets and quickly increasing sales. Our sales video can drive viewers to a direct call to action, for example, online or through social channels. Sales video can also support field sales representatives highlight company credibility, after-sales support and other key factors which convert interested viewers into happy customers. We can produce sales videos in various formats, suitable for in-meeting support on a laptop or tablet device and make your budget go further by delivering adapted versions for online or social.

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Product Advert

We make product adverts for TV, Paid Social, Cinema and Street Signage. There's no better way of reaching consumer audiences quickly than through high-profile product advertising. Using product advertising videos for your brands is a sure-fire way to improve your credibility. It gives them a sense of confidence and feel-good factor because they're associating themselves with a well-known product. We provide creative development, storyboarding, scriptwriting and full production services geared for making video product ads.

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Product Testimonial

Watching and listening to satisfied clients talk about your product in glowing terms helps convert interested customers into paying clients. We produce many product testimonial films in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. We're very good at getting clients to talk naturally about your product on camera and even better at making your product testimonial film appear balanced yet persuasive. If you want to work with the leading product testimonial video production company in the UK, we'd be happy to help.

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Product Reviews

Offering reviews is a great way to improve conversions, create loyalty within price-sensitive markets and keep visitors on your site for longer – helping your SEO and sales! For companies selling products across multiple categories, such as white goods, honest product reviews can help educate, inform and persuade site visitors to buy. And, because they've watched a full product review or demonstration, they are less likely to return their goods because you've already managed their expectations of the features and benefits they can expect to receive by buying their product from you.

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Product Explainer

Everyone likes going online to find out more information about a product. Some products or services are more difficult to understand than others. That's when you'll need a product explainer. There is often no better way to educate potential buyers fully than to provide a good explainer video for them to watch. Explainers also reduce the amount of time you spend answering pre-sales calls and email messages because you can answer most of the key questions within your explainer film. Find out if explainer videos are right for you by speaking to one of our producers about your needs.

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Product demonstration videos differ from product reviews or testimonials because they focus entirely on showcasing your products in action. We use various techniques to make your product look great throughout the demo video. And we know how to get the message across in the simplest possible way. Our demo video services include scriptwriting, studio production and delivery in various formats for web, social or in-store use. We also have a subtitle captioning service and full post-production capability for animations or additional graphics.

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How often have you searched online for a video to show you more about how to use products or how to change parts? If you sell products that have frequently asked questions, producing a short FAQ video series can help potential buyers and new users find out the answers, they are looking for. Having everything in one place within a FAQ video series is a really useful way of driving new sales. They can provide important information to prospective customers before they buy from you. Find out how you can create a cost-effective FAQ video series now by contacting us today.

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In-Store Promo

Do you need an in-store promotional video to support a new product launch, seasonal products or help inform customers? With a wealth of experience producing advertising, TV advertising, social media content and retail in-store video, thinktank can help drive your next promotion to increase sales in-store. We produce videos that can be used for content on-demand, to entice passing footfall, or encourage nearby shoppers to buy your products or buy from your stores. Reach out to Thinktank and find out how we can help you increase revenue through effective in-store video promotions.

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If you have much content to disseminate, videos are the most effective tool to improve learner retention. Do you provide CPD content, paid subscription courses or long tutorial-style videos to train installers, inform distributors or improve your educational programmes? We work with online content providers and course content creators to develop comprehensive filmed tutorials. We can help you manage the most effective formats for creating filmed tutorial content. We also provide full translation, subtitle and captioning services for tutorial videos

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Product Comparison

Looking for a good way to let viewers compare your product to the competition? We use tried and tested techniques to communicate how your product compares to a previous version, competitors or other methods of achieving the same end goal. We create high-impact comparison films which engage, inform and persuade users to choose your product over other alternatives. Depending on your specific needs, we can incorporate presenters, voiceovers, testimonials or vox-pops to add depth to your comparison video. Compare our approach to your existing production company today!

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Product Social Media

Want to promote your product with engaging videos on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), Snapchat or LinkedIn? Switch up your social video content quality by working with Thinktank to produce films that get your product message across in a high-impact way. Whether you need to engage with followers better, increase organic followers or directly drive sales through paid social promotion, we can create, produce and deliver content that works across all social channels for you. We can also help you repurpose social content to maximise your investment.

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Product Sponsorship

Are you looking for a great way to leverage the goodwill from the sponsorship deals or partnerships that you have in place? Sponsor videos can highlight your company's positive contributions to local community groups, sports teams, or charities. For clients who have high-profile commercial sponsorship deals in place with major brands, such as premier league football teams, you can derive maximum benefit by producing film-like sponsor video content. We work with global brands and their sponsors, creating sponsorship videos. We provide a full production film service for sponsorship videos.

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Communicating Product messages Faster

Our approach to producing product promotional content works because we can turn around projects quickly and output video in various formats to help you repurpose content for multiple platforms simultaneously..

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Common Product Video Questions

Re-use your Product Video on More Platforms

Squeeze the most out of your video production budget by letting Thinktank manage content creation and delivery across multiple platforms. We're familiar with the requirements for each social platform, TV, in-store and online, so we're able to deliver your content effortlessly to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn, at the same time as delivering for TV or online.

Planning Product Videos for On-Time Delivery

Timings and budgets are critical. Your marketing team can benefit from the help, advice, and guidance we can provide to develop the right content for your product promotion.

Wherever possible, we work within agreed time scales and budgets. Promote or go to market with more confidence Go-to-market with more confidence, call +44(0)161 826 0106 today.