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How we work: Our philosophy is to be open, honest and friendly with clients. We work in a relaxed, yet professional manner. We work best when we have mutual trust and respect with our clients. We enjoy working with clients who are open minded as our style is such that we speak truthfully at all times, challenging clients to get the best from their business.

Initial consultation: As we have offices in Manchester, London, Liverpool and Wigan, most initial consultations are free. Call +44 (0)161 413 6222 for further details of our charges.

Quality assurance: In the interests of client care and quality assurance, calls may be monitored for quality and business purposes. In the interests of ensuring the quality and accuracy of client briefs, conference calls etc, specialist video production services and corporate video production company services calls may be recorded for business use.

Telephone advice: Only in exceptional circumstances will thinktank provide corporate video production company advice by telephone. In 2008 we received 224 enquiries from companies asking for initial video production company advice by telephone. In the interests of our client base, we provide video production advice for new clients on a face-to-face basis only.
Our fees: thinktank works on a daily rate or fixed project basis. What we quote is exactly what we charge, so there are no hidden fees or surprises at the conclusion of our projects. Many corporate video production companies and advertising agencies add on charges during projects, presenting these extra costs on completion- thinktank doesn't! Any extra charges will be agreed before work is commenced. For new clients thinktank charges by proforma invoice or 50% on-commencement charges for a minimum period of six months. Thereafter, dependant on payment, client accounts are based on 30-days credit, subject to budget size, status and economic market conditions.

Pitches: The thinktank corporate video production company team will not engage in project pitches (vs other video production companies): thinktank is a highly reputable corporate video production company. We have an excellent track record and will be proud to showcase our portfolio, however, we don't entertain speculative or sales commission based work, ensuring that we keep client fees at a reasonable level - and keep our focus on our clients.
Qualifications of key staff: Our key staff are fully qualified and/or hold membership of professional bodies within their trained field of expertise. Staff employed by thinktank or thinktank corporate video productions have a minimum of 5 years experience in their respective field and are the high achievers with a proven track record of success. Director-level staff have a minimum of 15 years experience in their field.

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