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Video news:

Caught on camera - Police video productions Date added: 14/2/10
Caught on camera - Police video productions

This month, thinktank has developed a comprehensive public sector video production for the Police force. When stopped for comment, executive producer Stuart Murphy said, "No comment" - seriously, he said, "We are honoured to be asked to produce an educational video production which helps the Police remain protected when on duty." Only leading video production companies ever get the opportunity to work on high profile Government projects like this, which reflects thinktank's status in the market as a force to be reckond with


With an established public sector client base including, Councils, Business Links, Schools, Colleges, suppliers to educational markets, Town Halls, Probation Service Clients, The NHS and other public sector clients, thinktank video productions Manchester was the natural choice for developing an information video for the Police.


Thinktank added significant value during the production, helping to develop clear instructions and portray information in a quick and easy to understand format, which will form the basis of an educational and instructional video production for new Police officers and those who already have considerable experience in the force.


It was certainly a reassuring experience to know that the Police were on the end of a thinktank camera! Senior Editor at thinktank, Sonic Paul said, "there was an immense challenge we faced when tasked with producing a full production from start to finish within a week - we had to pull everything together at record speed - keeping within the speed limits of course!"


Thinktank's track record in public sector filming, corporate video productions, educational video, documentary productions and instructional video helped deliver a high caliber result for the Police.


For further information about thinktank's educational video productions or corporate video production company services, contact the Manchester  team now on +44 (0)161 234 0093 - don't get caught out, choose thinktank video to protect your business.



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