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Documentary films

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Documentary production & Documentary film-making


tank documentary productions

is a British documentary production company specialising in people-based documentaries. The thinktank team has worked on documentaries screened to a worldwide audience, working with icons such as the Dalai Lama and President Fidel Castro, in producing documentary productions.

thinktank works with broadcasters, independent producers and other documentary film-makers throughout the world, adding creativity, interest and life to documentary productions for TV.

thinktank has produced award-winning documentary productions and has extensive experience working with some of the leading independent documentary producers in their field.


tank documentary film & video productions

brings experience from working in a diverse range of film, TV and video areas such as TV advertising, training, scientific films, engineering films, medical films, ensuring that thinktank understands how to develop documentary trailers with real interest to attract viewers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.

Whilst thinktank works extensively across the world, its offices are Manchester based, with facilities in Liverpool & Manchester with partner studio facilities throughout Northwest England.

Managing documentary film making

Documentary productions are managed by a team of experienced film & TV producers, directors and crew. thinktank’s innovative approach to documentary film-making, together with the passion and vast knowledge of the production team makes documentary production a rewarding process, whatever the subject matter.

With a team of fearless producers, directors and crew, think

tank documentary production services

is able to deliver hard-hitting productions where it matters, creating an engaging and powerful message for viewers, every time.

Whether it’s a factual documentary, an expose or a fly on the wall documentary series you are looking to produce, think

tank documentary production services

will help you develop a unique style of documentary production, from the gritty way its scriptwriters portray your message, through to the incredible way that productions are filmed.

The thinktank documentary producers and directors have been involved with a number of high profile documentary productions and use incredibly complex filming styles to inject creativity and art into every documentary production. With an RTV Award Winning director of photography directing each documentary production, your viewers will be riveted to their seats.

And, when the subject matter is hot and newsworthy, you can rely on the power of the backing of a world-class marketing & advertising agency like thinktank marketing, to give you the support you need to improve your documentary production’s newsworthiness.

When it comes to making documentaries, is has to be think

tank documentary productions

every time. Contact the Manchester or London team now on +44 (0)161 413 6222 for more details.
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