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offers you the chance to record your next music promotional video with a team who has worked with international musical artists. The musical promo or pop video services thinktank provides includes scripting, pre-production, production, filming, editing, post production and special effects – just what you need to make a credible pop video production.

Working with a company like thinktank video allows you to get the same help as major successful musical artists who have employed the services of the thinktank team in their tour productions, live music gigs and videos used for promotion.

Where it comes to musical genres, thinktank has extensive experience working with genres such as classical, folk, rock, pop, garage, dance and indie.

One of the most important factors when making your next music video is to ensure that you work with a music production company who will give you the credibility you need. For musicians or bands with a clear idea what they want thinkt

ank music video productions

can advise on the best way of achieving your vision on-screen.

thinktank’s legendary music video production services delivers superb video production services for bands, groups, solo artists, orchestras and musical artists. With a team who has worked with international music icons across the world, think

tank music video productions

is the perfect team to create, produce, direct and manage your next music video.

Because think

tank music video productions

has worked with world famous stars, the music video production team knows how to get the best out of creative bands and artists, looking to produce award-winning music video productions.

A full-service music video production service is available – from storyboarding, scriptwriting, production management, casting, video director services, post-production and green-screening facilities for making music videos extra special.

The think

tank music video production

team uses a wide range of techniques including aerial video photography from cranes and aircraft including helicopters, to provide an extra realm of drama and uniqueness to your production.

For international recording artists, thinktank provides a VIP music video service with all parties signed up to non-disclosure agreements prior to filming. Additionally, thinktank’s highly experienced music video production crew are au-fait with working with stars and will make sure that video productions are carried out to exacting standards – whoever the artist is.

For new acts and pop bands, think

tank music video productions

can make your band look like a credible act, simply by employing many of the same techniques used in the making of music videos for international recording artists. With a number of think

tank music video productions

having featured on MTV, VH1 and other well-known TV shows, contact the music video production team now on Manchester | Liverpool +44 (0)161 413 6222 for further information about how your next music video can be created by one of the UK’s leading music video production teams.
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